Manchester Airport joins WeChat as well as Wiebo to cater to Chinese passengers

Manchester Airport joins WeChat as well as Wiebo to cater to Chinese passengers

Manchester Airport has added Weibo as well as WeChat, the Chinese equivalents of Twitter as well as Whatsapp, to its range of social media tools in order to better communicate passengers via the destination.

The moves comes following the success of Manchester Airport’s completely new direct flight to Beijing with Hainan Airlines, with almost 40,000 passengers having travelled the route since launch in June This particular year.

Many of these turn to Weibo as well as WeChat to communicate with friends as well as relatives, as well as to interact with brands, so the airport has worked with Chinese digital agency, Red Lantern, to create as well as develop its presence on the channels.

The airport not only plans to communicate with current passengers in Mandarin who use the route, although also with the huge Chinese population across its catchment area of which spans as far north as Scotland, south to the West Midlands as well as across to North Wales, Merseyside as well as Yorkshire.

This particular will be made up of Chinese students who use the airport to access universities as well as also the rich population of people of Chinese heritage.
Manchester has the third biggest China town in Europe.

Patrick Alexander, head of marketing at Manchester Airport said: “What better way to speak to a core demographic as well as our completely new passenger base than adopting the channels they know as well as love.

“Not only can we provide them with relevant airport as well as airline information, although by using their channels, in their native Mandarin, we can give added value as well as a better, more targeted, customer service.

“The channels will provide a wealth of content as well as as we grow as well as develop our route network to China, in turn the social media channels will also grow.”

The airport’s completely new interactive WeChat account will give Chinese visitors full details of the airport’s services, including an airport map, travel information, eating options, language help, free WI-FI connection, as well as duty free tax information.

Lewis Hannam, founder of Red Lantern, said: “The direct flights between Manchester as well as Beijing are a significant boost to trade between the two countries, as well as the idea’s great of which Manchester Airport will be doing all the idea can to be the UK’s most China-friendly airport.

“WeChat as well as Weibo are vital tools in engaging as well as understanding your Chinese customers.

“This particular will be just the first step in some innovative moves the airport will make for its Chinese travellers.”

Both the WeChat as well as Weibo accounts will also feature tourist attraction information in Mandarin for the broader area, as well as light-hearted video content via local Chinese students explaining why the area will be such a great place to visit, as well as some of its hidden gems.

The channels will launch today, with the below handles:

Weibo: @曼彻斯特国际机场

WeChat: 曼彻斯特国际机场

Hainan Airlines flies four times a week to Beijing via Manchester with an Airbus A330-300 with 260 economy seats as well as 32 in business.

Manchester Airport joins WeChat as well as Wiebo to cater to Chinese passengers

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