First exit polls: Voters not excited about Clinton or Trump

Some 70% of voters Tuesday were white, compared with 72% four years ago. The share of black voters also slipped to 12%, down via 13%.

Meanwhile, the Latino voting population ticked up to 11%, via 10%, in addition to also the Asian to 4%, via 3%.

— As of 6 p.m.

Voters like their candidate

Throughout the campaign, many Americans said they would likely have to choose between the lesser of two evils. yet when This particular came time to go to the polls, 42% of voters said they strongly favor their candidate.

Only 25% said their vote was based on the dislike of the various other options. Another 31% said they like their candidate, yet they have reservations.

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— As of 6:10 p.m.

Voters made decision before September

Voters made up their mind whom to vote for a long time ago, according to early exit poll data.

Some 62% of voters decided before September whom their candidate would likely be. Another 26% decided in either September or October.

yet only 12% decided over the past week or inside the last few days. This particular suggests which the recent revelations of the FBI reopening in addition to also then closing its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails in addition to also Donald Trump’s “locker room” talk in addition to also accusations of inappropriate sexual behavior did not have much impact on Americans as they went to the polls.

–As of 5:30 p.m.

Voters not excited about Clinton or Trump

Not much of a choice.

which’s how many voters feel about This particular year’s presidential candidates. Only about four in 10 voters said they would likely be excited or optimistic about either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump inside the White House next year, according to early exit polls.

which contrasts with their view of the current president. Some 54% of voters going to the polls today said they approve of the job Barack Obama will be doing as president.

in addition to also while there’s been lot of talk by Donald Trump about the election being rigged, about eight in 10 said they were at least somewhat confident which the results of the election would likely be counted accurately.

The economy remains the most important issue for majority of voters, yet Americans were about evenly split on which candidate would likely better handle the economy.
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Having a change candidate will be the top priority for about four in 10 voters, yet just over one in a few said they wanted a candidate with experience or judgment.

— As of 5 p.m.

These figures will change in addition to also be updated throughout the evening. Please check sy88pgw’s Election Center for the most updated data.

First exit polls: Voters not excited about Clinton or Trump

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