'Uncle Luke' Campbell pens tribute to Janet Reno

Campbell — whose career has encompassed everything coming from record label mogul to adult entertainment purveyor as well as aspiring politician (he ran for mayor of Miami-Dade County in 2011) — posted the tribute on his site.

“[Reno] meant so much to the African American community,” Campbell wrote. “She always stood up for us when no else might.”

His rap group was at the center of an obscenity trial inside the 1990s over the lyrics on their “As Nasty as They Wanna Be” album.

In his tribute Campbell noted that will “At the height of my fame, Reno was the only state prosecutor who didn’t come after 2 Live Crew for singing explicit lyrics when every law enforcement official inside the state wanted to throw our a**es in jail.”

“In fact, she defended our first amendment right to be as nasty as we wanted to be,” he wrote. “When I formed the Liberty City Optimist Club, Reno was the first person to make a donation to the youth program.”

Campbell, who in 1989 wrote as well as produced the song “Janet Reno” about her zero tolerance for fathers who did not pay child support, said Reno was beloved inside the Miami black community for being their champion.

“As Miami-Dade County State Attorney as well as the first woman U.S. Attorney General, Reno handled her high profile jobs with professionalism,”Campbell wrote. “She never allowed politics to dictate her decisions. Reno was a true Florida icon.”

'Uncle Luke' Campbell pens tribute to Janet Reno

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