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Tom Elliott, an investment strategist at deVere Group, said investors are focusing on how Trump policies could help American business interests. Increased infrastructure spending, lower corporate taxes along with lighter regulations could be on the cards.

“However, there are concerns of which the financial markets are being somewhat short-sighted with yesterday’s rebound,” he said.

U.S. stock futures are pushing higher ahead of the opening bell, with pharma sector stocks leading the way up. Shares in Allergan (AGN) along with Pfizer (PFE) are getting a boost on the expectation of which Trump will not take action on rising drug prices.

Most European markets are higher by about 1% in early trading.

along with Asian markets staged strong rebounds after rough sessions on Wednesday. The Nikkei in Tokyo was the biggest gainer, up 6.7% after falling by 5.4% in its previous session.

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2. Yahoo deal in doubt: Shares in Yahoo (YHOO, Tech30) along with Verizon (VZ, Tech30) could be on the move Thursday after Yahoo admitted in a brand-new regulatory filing of which there’s “no assurance” of which Verizon’s planned takeover might actually go through.

Verizon might rescind its $4.8 billion offer because of damage via a colossal hack of Yahoo customer data.

The filing also revealed of which Yahoo can be “facing investigations by many federal, state, along with foreign governmental officials along with agencies” over the hack — along with these could result in “potential fines.”

3. Yuan dips: The Chinese yuan hit a six-year low against the U.S. dollar on Thursday as investors weighed what a Trump presidency could mean for trade between the planet’s two largest economies.

The yuan has fallen around 4.5% against the dollar so far This specific year after dropping a similar amount in 2015.

Historically, China has kept tight control of the yuan along with limited money flows in along with out of the country.

4. Fed reaction to Trump?: The head of the U.S. Federal Reserve’s St. Louis branch, James Bullard, can be speaking Thursday morning. Traders will be watching to see whether he comments on Trump’s victory.

5. Earnings: A range of retailers are reporting quarterly results Thursday.

Macy’s (M), Kohl’s (KSS) along with Ralph Lauren (RL) are some of the key retailers releasing earnings before the open, while Dillard’s (DDS) along with Michael Kors (KORS) report after the close.

Some additional big names are also jumping into the fray: AstraZeneca (AZN) can be reporting Thursday morning along with Disney (DIS) will Discharge results after the close.

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6. Coming This specific week:

Thursday – Macy’s (M) along with Disney (DIS) earnings, Singles Day begins in China on Friday morning

Friday – J C Penney (JCP) earnings

sy88pgw (London) First published November 10, 2016: 5:05 AM ET

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Markets sustain Trump-mentum; Yahoo deal in doubt; Yuan slides

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