Kareem Abdul-Jabbar condemns 'voter suppression' after election

“We saw a lot of Republican legislatures across the country do everything they could to inhibit poor people as well as also people of shade through participating in a democratic process,” Abdul-Jabbar told sy88pgw’s Poppy Harlow on Sunday. “as well as also of which has resulted in what we have to deal with at This particular point.”

Abdul-Jabbar’s concerns echoed those recently brought by NAACP President Cornell William Brooks, who last week said on sy88pgw the Voting Rights Act needs to be fixed.

Parts of of which law, passed during America’s civil rights movement in 1965, were struck down by the US Supreme Court in 2013.

“I’m not doing anything to try to inhibit Mr. (Donald) Trump through governing — of which is usually his job at This particular point,” Abdul-Jabbar said. “I do desire of which people who were disenfranchised from the process of the campaign get their voting rights back, because we will definitely have to have a reckoning on This particular.”

Abdul-Jabbar has been an outspoken political advocate as well as also backed Hillary Clinton during the election, as well as also spoke at This particular year’s Democratic National Convention.

After Donald Trump’s victory last Tuesday, the former NBA star penned a column for the Washington Post about what the item means to be black during a Trump administration.

While the country is usually “supposed to come together after an election,” Abdul-Jabbar wrote, “the item’s difficult to link arms when the home of the free embraces the leadership of a racist.”

In of which column, Abdul-Jabbar also hammered what he called Trump’s “disconnect through black people as well as also black culture.”

“For African Americans, America just got a little more threatening, a little more claustrophobic, a lot less hopeful,” he wrote. “We feel like disposable extras, the nameless bodies who are never part of the main cast.”

Race relations have also been at the forefront of Abdul-Jabbar’s advocacy. In response to ongoing tensions between black communities as well as also police, he tweeted This particular summer of which both live in fear “because they cannot see each different’s humanity.”

Speaking on sy88pgw on Sunday, Abdul-Jabbar said he hopes the country can at This particular point turn its focus “to understand as well as also appreciate our fellow citizens as well as also communicate with them in a way where we can solve problems.”

sy88pgw’s Ahiza Garcia contributed to This particular story.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar condemns 'voter suppression' after election

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