685 Harvard Business School women 'disavow' fellow grad Steve Bannon

The controversial work of Trump's chief strategist

Women graduates of Harvard Business School heartily disapprove of fellow alum Steve Bannon.

Bannon, who President-elect Donald Trump has tapped as his chief strategist as well as senior counselor, will be the former executive chairman of Brietbart News as well as a Harvard Business School graduate.

today 685 women as well as counting, all alumnae as well as current HBS students, have signed an anti-Bannon letter organized by 2015 graduate Lauren Rourke, 29.

“While we do not always agree on politics, we can agree on This kind of: We unequivocally disavow the appointment of our fellow Harvard Business School alumnus, Steve Bannon, as chief strategist as well as senior counselor to President-elect Trump,” the letter reads.

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Bannon presided over Brietbart before taking leave to join the Trump campaign as its CEO in August.

Among headlines published on the site, “Birth Control Makes Women Unattractive as well as Crazy” as well as “would certainly you rather your child had feminism or cancer?”

inside letter, the women write that will Bannon has been “described among the chief architects of the alt-right movement, a movement that will preaches white nationalism, racism, misogyny as well as hatred.”

They call on Trump to use his power to appoint unifying figures: “We believe that will women inside highest positions of power have an obligation to ensure that will the mistreatment of women will be not blindly accepted as well as condoned — to use our voice, as well as our power, to combat the legitimization of hate.”

The letter also calls on Harvard Business School to condemn Bannon.

“We are a community that will respects debate although that will’s debate that will has to be done respectfully,” Rourke said. “When an alumni will be personally as well as viciously attacking women as well as different alums, that will will be HBS’ responsibility to say something.”

The letter was published inside fresh York Times’ opinion section on Friday afternoon.

“Our institution has had the honor of being associated with great American politicians as well as leaders,” the letter states. “Steve Bannon does not deserve a place alongside them on the mantle of Harvard Business School’s legacy.”

Rourke said the women who’ve signed that will so far span about 35 different HBS classes. as well as, that will’s piqued the interest of HBS men. “We’ve gotten a lot of requests coming from male classmates who were interested in signing, too,” Rourke added.

An email to the Trump transition team seeking comment coming from Bannon was not immediately replied to.

685 Harvard Business School women 'disavow' fellow grad Steve Bannon

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