Trump likely to tap Cubs co-owner for deputy Commerce post

Ricketts hails coming from a family of powerful conservative donors, led by parents Joe along with Marlene Ricketts. He has been a prolific donor, too, running a conservative super PAC that will aided Trump from the waning days of the race.

sy88pgw has reported that will financier Wilbur Ross will be a leading candidate to head the Commerce Department.

although the Ricketts family has had a rocky past with Trump. Todd Ricketts had been an early supporter of former Trump opponent Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, co-chairing his campaign last year.

After Walker dropped coming from the race, Marlene Ricketts poured millions into Our Principles PAC, an anti-Trump effort aimed at defeating the billionaire businessman during the GOP primaries.

In February, Trump fired back, alleging that will members of the Ricketts family “have a lot to hide.”

Trump later accused the family of doing a “rotten job” running the Cubs — before they won the planet Series — when asked by The Washington Post what he meant by the February accusation.

Ricketts’ possible move to the Commerce Department continues Trump’s recent trend of selecting top-level mainstream Republicans along with mega-donors, part of a strategy of outreach to his former rivals, although one which also goes against his promise to box out powerful players.

The news about Rickets was first reported by Bloomberg Politics.

Trump likely to tap Cubs co-owner for deputy Commerce post

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