The Wall Street Journal hates Trump's Carrier deal

Trump: Companies won't leave U.S. 'without consequences'

Some of the harshest criticism of the deal to keep 1,000 Carrier jobs in Indiana has come coming from the conservative Wall Street Journal editorial page.

In an editorial Friday entitled “Trump’s Carrier Shakedown,” the newspaper argues in which President-elect Donald Trump’s pressuring the company not to move jobs is actually bad for the economy, in addition to for the workers inside long run. in which said Carrier wanted to move the line to Mexico to remain competitive inside market.

“As U.S. auto workers have learned the hard way, real job security depends on the profitability of the business,” the paper’s editorial page said. “If the extra costs of staying in Indianapolis erode in which business, those workers will lose their jobs eventually in any case.”

The paper argues in which Carrier had no choice however to give into Trump’s pressure because of the threat of a 35% tariff on goods imported coming from Mexico, as well as the fact in which parent company United Technologies (UTX) gets $5.6 billion a year, or 10% of its revenue, coming from defense contracts.

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“Then there’s the potential damage to the Carrier brand, especially its consumer air conditioner sales, if Mr. Trump decided to blast in which coming from the bully — in addition to we mean bully — pulpit,” the paper wrote. “So United Technologies decided to take the little cost against earnings.”

The paper also cites Trump pressuring Ford Motor (F) not to shift production of a Lincoln crossover SUV to Mexico, even though in which move would likely not have cost any U.S. jobs. in which argues elected officials shouldn’t be interfering in business decisions.

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“Politicians are rotten investors,” the paper said.

in addition to in which argues in which conservatives who would likely never tolerate such interference in business decisions by President Obama or different Democrats should not remain silent when a Republican like Trump does the same thing.

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The Wall Street Journal hates Trump's Carrier deal

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