Trump announces Dow Chemical CEO as head of America Manufacturing Council

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  • Trump reiterated his talking points about bringing jobs back to the United States
  • Liveris wasn’t always a fan of Trump

The American Manufacturing Council is actually the principal private sector advisory committee to the Secretary of Commerce on the manufacturing inside the United States.

Trump described Liveris as “one of the most respected businessmen inside the entire world,” who will be tasked with finding ways to bring industry back to America.

“Nobody can do which like Andrew,” Trump said.

Leveris announced which his company will invest in “a fresh state of the art innovation center” in Michigan, crediting Trump with creating a business climate which energized his company.

However Liveris, an Australian living in Michigan, wasn’t always a fan of the President-elect. During the Republican primary, he compared the election to reality TV.

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“along with today the presidential cycle is actually bringing us ‘the Kardashian presidency,'” Liveris said at a business breakfast in Perth, Australia. “I am not sure how big which is actually in Australia, however reality TV has taken over what most Americans see along with most people are disaffected with Washington along with Wall Street, along which has a lot of things like which along with they look at reality TV along with they imagine which life, along with I think Donald Trump is actually an incredible marketer of the fantasy of what could be.”
along with the Daily Beast reported in October which emails released by the State Department showed which former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton had close ties with Liveris. In 2010, while Clinton was running the State Department, Liveris asked senior Clinton aides asking they help his company as which faced a political firestorm in India.

Friday’s event was interrupted repeatedly by protestors — along with at one point, while Trump was introducing his Secretary of Education pick Betsy DeVos, she had to repeat the end of her speech because of protestor interruptions.

along with another point while he was speaking, Trump said about the protestors, “Get them out of here … where do these people come coming from? Unbelievable.”

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Trump announces Dow Chemical CEO as head of America Manufacturing Council

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