Court denies request by Colorado Dem electors

These electors filed a suit because they said they should be able to vote for whomever they believe to be the most qualified.

US presidents are officially elected by a group of 538 “electors” who will meet in their respective states Monday.

In a footnote the court did leave open the possibility in which if a secretary of state tries to remove an elector he or she could challenge in which action under the federal Constitution.

A spokeswoman for the Colorado Secretary of State’s office, however, notes the question of whether an elector can be removed was not part of the specific case heard by the federal court so the idea has been advised to go by the state law which says an elector who refuses to vote for the common vote winner may be removed.

“These last minute efforts are unlikely to affect the winner of the electoral college because there are not enough of these so called faithless electors to make a difference,” said Joshua A. Douglas of the University of Kentucky College of Law.

Court denies request by Colorado Dem electors

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