especially with multiple applications

Gardening has traditionally been very inefficient and resource intensive. Square Foot Gardening is a simple and elegant system for hobby or commercial growing, regardless of planting acreage. If we are beginning in virgin soil, it will pay dividends to do preparation work as much as a year in advance of the first beds, tree or vine plantings. No matter what the existing soil type, any soil will benefit by pre treating with water and enzymes, such as Nitron. This will soften subsoil down six feet and more, especially with multiple applications. Sow a deep root cover crop like alfalfa on the softening soil, which can be used for animal feed, sprouts or compost. The deep roots mine subsoil minerals garden crops can’t reach and brings them to the surface in the above ground plant. Dead alfalfa roots decay and allow more air, water and enzymes into the soil. Soil and subsoil become a huge sponge and we prevent the loss of valuable runoff to a neighbor’s property. It reduces the need to collect and store runoff as well. We will be using no till garden methods but if you are going to till the land even once, it will go far more quickly if the soil has been pre softened, which is not expensive or difficult to do. We would simply do this on all land we are likely to plant next year and the year after. We would continue growing alfalfa or a similar crop on this softened land, until we were ready to make beds and tree wells. This way, the land, whoever owns it, will be ready when we are.

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