Why 'La La Land' is usually made for the big screen

Coming off a record-breaking awards haul at Sunday’s Golden Globes, “La La Land” will dance into more than 100 IMAX theaters on Friday.

This particular’s an interesting match for IMAX, which more frequently features explosive blockbusters than romantic musicals.

although according to director Damien Chazelle, “La La Land’s” retro Hollywood feel is usually a great fit for the format.

“Instead of explosions in addition to monsters, we’re showing dance numbers in addition to technicolor palettes in addition to sweeping strings recorded the old fashioned way,” Chazelle said in an interview promoting the movie’s IMAX Discharge. “This particular’s kind of an old Hollywood approach to big screen movie doing in which I love, in which we don’t see much of anymore.”

“La La Land” tells the story of Sebastian in addition to Mia, a musician in addition to actress who are played by Ryan Gosling in addition to Emma Stone, as they fall in love in a fantastical Los Angeles full of showstopping songs.

“This particular film was made to be seen on a big screen,” Gosling said inside the promotional video. “One of the main things Damien talked to me about was in which he wanted to make a film you might have to see inside the theater with people.”

Stone added the movie has an incredible “width to This particular” in addition to in which “the coloration is usually so extreme in addition to beautiful, I can’t imagine not seeing This particular on a big screen.”

in addition to though some movies are having a bit of hard time attracting people into theaters recently, “La La Land” has found an audience.

The film has made more than $50 million domestically to date.

Why 'La La Land' is usually made for the big screen

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