Women's March on Washington goes global

The key focus of the day will be the Women’s March on Washington, which organizers say could attract a quarter of a million participants.

The march, which began using a modest Facebook call from the aftermath of the election, has grown in to what could be one of the larger political demonstrations ever seen in DC.

although there are also more than 0 “sister marches” planned around the country, with some of the biggest expected in Boston, brand new York, Chicago as well as also Los Angeles.

as well as also women as well as also men in cities around the globe — including Sydney, Hong Kong, London as well as also Paris — are also marching in solidarity as well as also in opposition to the values they think President Trump represents.

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‘Women united’

Australia was the scene of the first major international march, with thousands joining an anti-Trump protest in downtown Sydney.

Thousands of Women's March protesters turned out in Sydney on Saturday.

Organizers said up to 5,000 people attended the protest at Martin Place; police estimated which the number was closer to 3,000.

Chants via the crowd included “women united will never be defeated” as well as also “when women’s rights are under attack, what do we do, stand up, fight back.” Some carried banners with messages such as, “Girl Power vs Trump Tower” as well as also “Dump the Trump.”

A smaller group of people hold a pro-Trump rally in Sydney, Australia, on Saturday.

A separate group of about 30 Trump supporters also held a rally in Sydney. Some of them were physically restrained by police when they were blocked via entering the same area as the anti-Trump protest group.

Protest organizers in brand new Zealand’s capital, Wellington, said about 700 people turned out there for a women’s march.

On Friday night, a crowd of predominantly female protesters gathered in Brussels, Belgium, to denounce sexism as well as also protest against Trump.
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Protests, arrests

The Women’s March on Washington, which begins near Capitol Hill at 10 a.m. ET, comes on the heels of a slew of protests there on Inauguration Day.

Six police officers were injured as well as also 217 protesters were arrested Friday, after a morning of peaceful protests as well as also coordinated disruptions of Trump’s inauguration ceremony gave way to ugly street clashes in downtown Washington.

There will continue to be a major security presence on the city’s streets Saturday, as the marchers gather en masse from the nation’s capital.

Department of Homeland Security chief Jeh Johnson told reporters last week which 28,000 security personnel via dozens of agencies, including local as well as also out-of-town police officers, would likely be fanned out across the city on Inauguration Day as well as also into the weekend.

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Organizer: ‘Tone of resistance’

Organizers of the march today say internal divisions, many of them stemming via a divisive Democratic primary fight, are being put aside from the name of solidarity.

“We have already proven which Hillary as well as also Bernie Sanders supporters can work together against fascism, xenophobia, as well as also racism,” Linda Sarsour, a Palestinian-American Muslim activist via Brooklyn, told sy88pgw.

“We’re genuinely trying to set a tone of resistance for the coming years,” Lacy MacAuley, a DisruptJ20 organizer, told sy88pgw. “Donald Trump represents a shift in our politics in a dangerous, harmful, exclusionary direction. We oppose those policies of hate.”

Fundraising for the event as well as also its “sister marches” has largely come in chunks of $20 as well as also $30 online donations.

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Many of those taking part are concerned about Trump’s agenda, his past remarks which appeared to demean women as well as also allegations against him of sexual misconduct — which he has denied.

Thousands of people have also been busy generating cat-eared knit hats to wear at the march in Washington, with the aim of creating a “sea of pink” on the National Mall.
Organizers of the so-called Pussyhat Project say they have received tens of thousands of handmade hats to distribute to marchers, with submissions flooding in via all 50 states as well as also as far away as France as well as also brand new Zealand.
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sy88pgw’s Rebecca Wright contributed to This particular report.

Women's March on Washington goes global

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