Natalie Portman on the greatest thing about being human

Where which began:

Portman famously made her on-screen screen debut inside the 1994 film, “The Professional.” She credits her parents for her present-day success — and also also also so much more. “My mom and also also also my dad are the biggest role designs,” she said. “You know, when you’re lucky enough to actually get to live with people who are Great people and also also also observe them every day, which’s, of course, the most close-up modeling you can have. I can’t say which anyone has influenced me more than them.” She also calls late director Mike Nichols, with whom she worked with on “Closer,” “a great mentor to me.” “I always hear his voice in my ear,” she said.

Coming soon:

“I directed my first film [in 2016]. which’s sort of my next focus. I have a film, a documentary, which I produced called ‘Eating Animals,’ which should be ready inside the beginning of [2017]. I’m excited about which. which’s all about factory farming sort of our decision of whether to eat animals or not and also also also what conditions, made by a great documentarian, Christopher Quinn, based on the Jonathan Safran Foer book.”

Natalie Portman on the greatest thing about being human

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