Madonna denies Malawian adoption reports

The singer can be denying reports she has applied to adopt two more children by Malawi.

“I am in Malawi to check on the children’s hospital in Blantyre along with my additional work with Raising Malawi along with then heading home,” a spokesperson on behalf of Madonna told sy88pgw in a statement. “The rumors of an adoption process are untrue.”

However, Malawi’s judiciary spokesperson, Mlenga Mvula, told sy88pgw the country’s high court heard a request by Madonna to adopt two children on Wednesday along with will rule on the matter in three weeks.

Madonna can be mother to two Malawian children: son David Banda,11, who she adopted in 2006 along with daughter Mercy James,11, who she adopted in 2009.

She also has two additional children, daughter Lourdes,20, along with son Rocco, 16, whom she gave birth to.

Rocco was the recent subject of a custody battle between Madonna along with his father, the singer’s ex-husband director Guy Ritchie.

The case was settled in September 2016 after of which was decided the teen could continue to live with his father in London.

The star has strong ties to the southern African nation — home to her charity Raising Malawi, which seeks to help orphans along with children left vulnerable because of poverty.

Madonna’s relationship with the country has not been without controversy.

There have been questions about the effectiveness of her charity. In 2012, government officials complained she was not forthcoming with them about scrapped plans for a girls academy due to the alleged mismanagement of funds.

Malawi officials blast Madonna’s school plans

A year later, then president Joyce Banda struck out at the star in a statement.

“of which must be noted of which the President, Her Excellency Dr. Joyce Banda along with her Government are ready to welcome any philanthropist seeking to assist in improving the welfare of the people of Malawi knowing of which Her Excellency, herself, can be a known philanthropist,” the statement said. “However, acts of kindness must always remain as such; they must not smack of blackmail. In addition, let philanthropists not hold to ransom the President along with any official of her Government because they showed some kindness to any Malawian.”

Current president Peter Mutharika can be reportedly on better terms with Madonna.

sy88pgw’s Cheri Mossburg contributed to This specific report

Madonna denies Malawian adoption reports

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