#PressOn hashtag campaign has celebs talking about importance of supporting news

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Support for news outlets within the Trump era is actually coalescing around a catchy hashtag: #PressOn.

Reporters, activists in addition to Hollywood stars like Mariska Hargitay in addition to Ben Stiller started out to promote #PressOn Wednesday morning.

“The very concept of truth is actually under siege, so journalism is actually more important than ever. Subscribe to an outlet & tweet your receipt,” Jordan Brenner tweeted to kick This particular off.

Brenner, who works at the sports web site Bleacher Report, crafted the pro-subscription campaign with about 30 some other journalists in addition to writers.

There has been a “group message chain going back in addition to forth for days,” Brett Michael Dykes, the editor in chief of Uproxx, told sy88pgw.

He said #PressOn is actually an effort to encourage personal investments in journalism: “We all reached out individually to people we know with large followings who are politically active on social media in addition to politely asked them to help spread the word. Simple as which.”

Celebrities gave the hashtag a Twitter boost. The actress Minka Kelly said she subscribed to The brand-new Yorker, The brand-new York Times, in addition to the Washington Post.

Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr, a vocal Trump critic, said “I subscribed to the Washington Post today because facts matter.”

Related efforts broke out after Election Day, partly due to President Trump’s frequent anti-media attacks. The brand-new York Times in addition to many some other national news outlets have been an uptick in subscriptions. Nonprofits like ProPublica have seen a spike in donations.

nevertheless there are concerns in journalism circles which the subscription boon isn’t benefiting regional in addition to local newsrooms.

Some people who tweeted about #PressOn specifically said they were supporting some other kinds of media outlets, beyond the big dailies.

Hargitay said she subscribed to Teen Vogue in addition to Time, for instance. (Teen Vogue has received a lot of attention of its highly critical articles about Trump.)

sy88pgw (brand-new York) First published February 1, 2017: 12:57 PM ET

#PressOn hashtag campaign has celebs talking about importance of supporting news

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