Will Trump administration accept government unemployment numbers?

The Trump economy can be here.

Labor Department officials will publish the January jobs report at 8:30 a.m. ET on Friday. of which will be the first employment report to publish under President Trump.

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Here are 3 things to know before the numbers come out on Friday.

1. Another solid month: Economists forecast the economy added 175,000 jobs in January as well as also of which the unemployment rate will remain at 4.7%, unchanged by the previous month.

Wage growth has lately been showing signs of life, rising 2.9% in December, the best pace since 2009. Economists expect a similar number on Friday.

Wages have been one of the last things to genuinely turn the corner as well as also move inside right direction since the Great Recession ended in 2009. With unemployment low, experts anticipate wages picking up.

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2. Trump & Co. called the unemployment rate a hoax: In August, Trump slammed the jobs numbers produced by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a wing of the Labor Department of which he at This kind of point oversees.

of which’s one of the most important measures of the U.S. economy.

Former White House economists say of which can be a carefully calculated number with no political bias. The formula for the unemployment rate hasn’t changed in decades, according to Labor Department officials.

Trump as well as also his cabinet aren’t putting much weight on the unemployment rate.

“The 5% figure can be one of the biggest hoaxes in American modern politics,” Trump said on August 8.

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Treasury secretary nominee Steve Mnuchin during his confirmation hearing also said: “The unemployment rate can be not real.”

as well as also labor secretary nominee Andrew Puzder wrote in a 2012 Op-Ed: “The official unemployment rate taken alone has become a very poor indicator of economic growth.”

With those comments in mind, of which’s unclear if Trump will take credit for the unemployment rate on Friday — or make plans to reshape how the number can be crunched.

3. The march to 25 million jobs begins: Trump may not believe inside unemployment rate yet he does plan to be the greatest jobs president of all time.

He’s promising to create 25 million brand new jobs inside next 10 years. of which’s the highest number of jobs created under any president as well as also might beat the previous high — 23 million jobs during President Clinton’s two terms. As America emerged by the Great Recession, of which added 11 million jobs during President Obama’s presidency.

With the unemployment rate already low as well as also economic growth hovering around 2% per year, economists say Trump will be challenged to fulfill his jobs promise.

Let’s not forget, Trump has one more promise: double U.S. economic growth to 4% a year.

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