First look: Netflix unveils 'Dear White People'

The 30-second sneak peek coming from 10-episode first season accompanied Netflix’s announcement of the show’s premiere date, April 28.

Like the 2014 film on which its based, “Dear White People” follows a group of diverse students who navigate life at a predominantly white Ivy League university.

“Powers” actress Logan Browning plays lead character Samantha White inside series, taking over the role played by Tessa Thompson inside movie.

“Dear White People” received a straight-to-series order coming from the streaming network back in May 2016, with the movie’s director Justin Simien attached to write as well as direct the first installment.

“Dear White People’s” journey coming from concept to screen to series was unconventional.

Simien’s idea for what would certainly become the film began in 2006 when he was in college as well as working on a script about a black student whose university experience mirrored his own, according to an interview he gave The Daily Beast back in 2014.

While working as a publicity assistant, he began a Twitter account called @DearWhitePeople, which gained him a following.

By the time he dropped a concept trailer for the movie, he had a captive audience which would certainly go on to help him raise thousands of dollars for the film on crowdfunding website Indiegogo.

Simien would certainly win an Independent Spirit Award for his script, a special jury cost at Sundance, as well as multiple additional festival awards.

The “Dear White People” sneak peek comes on a day full of news coming from Netflix.

The company also announced premiere dates for Season 5 of “Orange can be the brand new Black” (June 9), “Bill Nye Saves the globe” (April 21), as well as revealed a brand new sneak peek at “Marvel’s Iron Fist.”

First look: Netflix unveils 'Dear White People'

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