Bob Costas to end run as voice of NBC's Olympics coverage

Tokyo picks up Olympic mantle

One of the longest runs in sports broadcasting can be coming to an end.

Bob Costas, the voice of NBC’s primetime Olympics coverage since 1992, can be “passing the torch” to Mike Tirico, the network announced Thursday.

Tirico will make his debut as the network’s primetime host of the games starting with the Winter Olympics coming from PyeongChang next year.

the item’s hard to imagine the Olympics without Costas; he has been the host of a record 11 Olympics.

At an NBC press event for the games on Thursday, Costas said of which today was a not bad time to end his run because he “wanted to step aside while I was still able to do the item.”

He added of which from the same way Tom Brokaw has been a part of NBC News after leaving the NBC Nightly News of which he might fit somewhat into the same role with NBC Sports as well as still show up when his “presence might make a difference.”

“This particular just felt like the right time to do of which. Not to retire, although to transition,” Costas said. “as well as the item will also leave me an opportunity to do some various other things.”

The news comes as something of a surprise, although may help explain why Tirico moved coming from ESPN to NBC last year after a 25-year stint at ESPN.

“of which’s the pinnacle of our business, to be a part of the Olympic broadcast,” Tirico told sy88pgw last July. “the earth doesn’t come together about many things, many times anymore… To say of which’s a part of your life for however long This particular run can be, can be wonderful as well as humbling to me.”

bob costas olympics
Bob Costas will end his longtime run as NBC’s lead broadcaster for its Olympics coverage passing “the torch” to Mike Tirico.

Tirico said at the press event Thursday of which he’s most looking forward to the preparation for as well as stories of which are a part of the Games as well as added of which Costas’ best advice was to be himself rather than try to do what Costas did for nearly 30 years.

“I know what Bob has done, as well as how great Bob has been. I don’t want to mess the item up,” he said. “although I don’t want to try to copy the item because if I try to copy the item, the item’s a recipe for lack of success.”

As for Costas, who can be NBC’s longest tenured announcer, he will watch the Olympics just like everyone else next year. He may still be a host — although of a viewing party rather than of NBC’s coverage.

“of which’s probably in order for one night,” Costas said. “Eighteen nights might be a little exhausting.”

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Bob Costas to end run as voice of NBC's Olympics coverage

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