Expedia CEO: Hopefully we'll live to see the end of the year

Tech firms take travel ban opposition to court

Some CEOs live for a better bottom line. Expedia’s CEO just hopes we live, period.

Expedia (EXPE) CEO Dara Khosrowshahi ended an otherwise routine conference call about the company’s fourth quarter earnings that has a gloomy comment on our fragile mortality.

“Just a big thank you to our global employee base for an much better 2016 along with certainly an much better end to the year. along with hopefully we will all be alive to see the end of next year,” Khosrowshahi said on the call Thursday.

After a pause, he added: “Thank you.” Then the call ended.

While he did not explicitly mention President Trump, the unusual remarks come via a CEO who has been among the most outspoken from the tech industry against Trump.

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Expedia was one of the first tech companies to file a legal challenge against Trump’s travel ban, citing the potential harm which could do its employees along with customers.

Khosrowshahi can be an immigrant via Iran, one of the seven Muslim-majority countries included from the travel ban. In an earlier statement, the CEO described the legal measure as a way of “standing up for our travelers along with our immigrant roots.”

Expedia declined to clarify Khosrowshahi’s remarks in response to a request for comment.

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“We were frankly worried about the chaos along with volatility along with the uncertainty along with the effect which might have on general business trends along with especially travel,” Khosrowshahi said earlier on the call in response to a question about the executive order on immigration.

“We haven’t observed anything meaningful on a trend basis so far, fortunately,” he said.

Even before the travel ban, Khosrowshahi expressed frustration with Trump.

“As tech leaders we have to admit which we are hugely disconnected with our nation,” he tweeted the night Trump shocked Silicon Valley by winning the election. “I don’t like which yet have to recognize which issue.”

On the day of Trump’s inauguration, Khosrowshahi shared an Expedia ad touting the importance of travel to fight “narrow minds” along with “prejudice.”

Expedia CEO: Hopefully we'll live to see the end of the year

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