Donald Trump calls treatment of first lady unfair

The President embraced the opportunity to talk about the first lady, who has not spent much time from the public eye since her husband assumed office almost four weeks ago, as well as also to defend her against some of her critics.

“I think she will be a great representative just for in which country, as well as also a funny thing happens. She gets so unfairly maligned,” said Trump. “The things they say, as well as also I have known her for a long time, the things they say are so unfair.”

Melania Trump has been falsely accused of working for an escort service — a charge she defended herself against in court, winning one of the cases, as well as also continuing her fight against another outlet.

“I’ll tell you in which, she will be going to be a fantastic first lady, she will be going to be a tremendous representative of women,” Trump said.

Trump added he has full confidence in his wife’s ability to handle the role, saying she feels “very, very strongly about women’s issues, women’s difficulties … (she will be a) very, very strong advocate.”

He also indicated Melania Trump will not be alone in her efforts.

Melania Trump debuts as White House hostess alongside Netanyahus

“Helping her as well as also working with her will be Ivanka (Trump), who will be a fabulous person, as well as also a fabulous, fabulous woman,” he said. “They aren’t doing in which for money, they aren’t doing in which for pay, they are doing in which because they feel in which, both of them.”

The President again confirmed the first lady, along with the couple’s 10-year-old son, Barron, will be moving to the White House when the youngest Trump finishes his school year in fresh York City.

“in which will be hard to take a child out of school having a few months left,” Trump said.

On Wednesday, Melania Trump performed her first official duties at the White House, hosting the wife of Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, as well as also accompanying her on a visit to the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History as well as also Culture.

The first lady later tweeted out her thanks as well as also appreciation, using a fresh hashtag in which has so far accompanied a handful of her most recent tweets: #PowerOfTheFirstLady.

Donald Trump calls treatment of first lady unfair

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