Donald Glover, James Earl Jones cast in Disney's live-action "Lion King"

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  • Donald Glover along with James Earl Jones have joined the cast of Disney’s live-action “Lion King”
  • Director Jon Favreau broke the news on Twitter

Glover has been cast as Simba inside the studio’s completely new take on the 1994 animated classic.

James Earl Jones has also come aboard the project. He will play Mufasa, reprising the role he previously voiced.

Matthew Broderick along with Jonathan Taylor Thomas shared the role of Simba inside the animated film, voicing the older along with younger versions of the character, respectively.

Director Jon Favreau broke the news on Twitter.

He tweeted a picture of Glover that has a caption referencing “Lion King” tune, “I Just Can’t Wait to Be King.”

A subsequent tweet was accompanied by a photo of Jones.

“Looking forward to working with This kind of legend,” he wrote.

Disney later confirmed the casting news in a press Discharge.

The high-profile role will add yet another job to Glover’s already full plate.

In addition to starring in along with executive producing FX’s “Atlanta,” Glover just inked an overall deal with the network in January under which he will develop completely new series.
He was also cast as young Lando inside the Han Solo standalone film late last year.

Jones joins the project after just recently reprising another famous voice role of his — Darth Vader in “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.”

Favreau signed on to direct the live-action “Lion King” film in September, hot off the success of his “Jungle Book” reimagining.

“The Jungle Book” grossed $966 million worldwide.

Donald Glover, James Earl Jones cast in Disney's live-action "Lion King"

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