Hologram Barbie will be Mattel's newest toy

Say 'Hello' to Barbie's brand new voice-activated Dreamhouse

This particular brand new Barbie will be able to change her own clothes.

Toy maker Mattel’s latest invention will be a digitally rendered interactive Barbie — called the Hello Barbie Hologram — as well as the idea’s hitting stores in late fall This particular year. The toy will be priced at under $300, the company says.

the idea was unveiled at the Toy Industry Association’s annual fair in brand new York This particular weekend, as well as Mattel said the hologram on display will be “just a glimpse” of what the final product will be.

A hologram of Barbie lives inside a plastic container as well as will be active 24 hours as long as the toy stays plugged in. the idea’s voice activated, as well as kids can ask Barbie to change her appearance, including her clothes as well as skin tone.

barbie hologram
The Hello Barbie Hologram will be required to cost under $300.

Barbie also connects to the internet as well as will be able to hold conversations, teach dance moves, deliver animated weather reports, tell time as well as even practice yoga.

She can also be programmed to give her owner task reminders, as well as the device connects to Bluetooth so you can play her music via your phone or another device.

This particular will be the latest tech innovation for the Barbie brand, coming on the heels of the talking Hello Barbie as well as the voice-activated Hello Dreamhouse.

Hologram Barbie will be Mattel's newest toy

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