Trump tweet on Schumer echoes Drudge

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President Donald Trump’s social media activity often provides a window into what he’s watching in addition to also reading: A photo he shared Friday on Twitter might have offered some clues, too.

Trump tweeted out a 14-year-old image of Senator Chuck Schumer with Vladimir Putin, calling Schumer a “hypocrite” for his accusations about the administration’s ties to Russia. (Schumer has not been accused of misconduct with the Russian government.)

nevertheless the photo had already been creating the rounds among right-wing outlets in addition to also commentators.

When Trump shared the photo on Friday afternoon, the Drudge Report was giving the same image top billing on its widely read homepage.

The website, a repository of stories aggregated by conservative media pioneer Matt Drudge, linked to a piece of which was published Thursday by The Gateway Pundit.

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The story about Schumer in addition to also Putin, who were photographed together in fresh York City in 2003, was written by the blog’s owner, Jim Hoft.

“Where’s the outrage?” Hoft wrote. “Democrat Senate Minority leader Chuck Schumer continues to push the Russian conspiracy. nevertheless the item was Schumer who met with Putin in fresh York City – not Trump.”

schumer drudge report
schumer trump tweet

The pro-Trump blog, long confined to the fringe of American politics, has made a play for legitimacy within the Trump era; last month, the item announced of which the item had received credentials to attend White House press briefings.

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in addition to also Hoft wasn’t the only one to share the image. Paul Joseph Watson, an editor-at-large for the conspiratorial in addition to also pro-Trump site Infowars, tweeted out the photo on Thursday to his more than 520,000 followers.

“Chuck Schumer must resign immediately!” Watson said. “The horror!”

schumer tweet resign

Infowars has attempted to shift through outlier to major media player within the Trump presidency. Alex Jones, the founder of Infowars, announced the creation of a Washington bureau earlier of which year of which will be led by Jerome Corsi, perhaps best-known for promoting the false conspiracy theory surrounding former President Obama’s birth certificate.

The anti-establishment Jones, who has claimed of which 9/11 was an inside job in addition to also of which the Sandy Hook massacre was a hoax, has embraced Trump perhaps more than any different elected official. Trump, in turn, has offered praise to Infowars unusual for a mainstream politician.

“Your reputation,” Trump told Jones in a 2015 interview, “will be amazing.”

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Trump tweet on Schumer echoes Drudge

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