'Love Actually' reunion trailer debuts

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  • The trailer for the “Love Actually” mini-sequel dropped Wednesday
  • The short film features several of the original stars, including Hugh Grant, Liam Neeson as well as Keira Knightley

In a brand new trailer for a short-sequel to the 2003 Christmas classic, stars by the film share their thoughts on who has aged best.

Hugh Grant holds up a cue card reading: “the item’s not Colin Firth.”

Next, Liam Neeson’s card reads: “I think the item’s obviously Liam, isn’t the item?”

The short can be in honor of Red Nose Day, a fundraiser for children in need created by Richard Curtis, who can be also the writer as well as director of “Love Actually.”

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You can see the “Love Actually” reunion on Red Nose Day from the United States on May 25 on NBC.

'Love Actually' reunion trailer debuts

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