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Amazing Wood Carving Machine – DIY Wood CNC Machine

Wood carving can be a great hobby for people of all ages. There is virtually a limitless amount of things a piece of wood can be shaped into and can be a great form of expression for the artist within. Wood carving for beginners start with the basics of what techniques and tools to use.

The first decision for wood carving for beginners is to know what technique they want to start with. There are four main techniques, which are whittling, relief carving, carving in the round and chip carving. Whittling is the act of cutting or removing bits of wood from a piece of wood. This is the most basic form of wood carving, however, it is less common today as modern day wood carving revolves around detailed and intricate designs. Relief carving is basically carving pictures into a piece of flat wood, a 3 dimensional image is created through the way the wood is removed. This is often used to decorate furniture or signs. Carving in the round is carving all the way around, which creates a more smooth and lifelike appearance over whittling. This technique offers the most flexibility as anything can be created into a three dimensional object. Chip carving is the use of knives or chisels to remove chips of wood from a block of wood to create patterns or designs. This technique is often used to decorate household items such as chests. Each technique employs a different set of tools.

Knowing what tools to use is a must for wood carving for beginners. Whittling is the simplest to get started as the only tools needed is a sharp pocket knife and a block of wood, this is probably the cheapest and simplest way for a newbie to get started. Chip carvers only require a couple of different knives to chip the wood surface and is another good choice to get started in wood carving as it requires only a few tools compared to the other techniques. Carving in the round requires more tools to accomplish as it requires a variety of knives, gouges and chisels. This technique employs almost any carving tool as a different feature may require a different set of tools. Relief carving requires a basic carving set to create the images onto the wood, however, it utilizes mainly gouges to create the effect. Carving in the round and relief carving can be quite a challenge for beginners, as they require more tools and patience.

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