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Tens of millions of people have been benefiting from chiropractic treatments for over a century. Even though the orthodox medical establishment tried to destroy the industry, and have chiropractors jailed for practicing medicine without a license, it thrived. Eventually the AMA and other medical industry groups gave up on trying to limit people’s health care choices, and chiropractic is now flourishing all over the world.

Unfortunately, there’s a flip side to this – there have always been a small number of chiropractors who, knowing that people are desperate for relief from pain and illness, forgot their oath, and became more interested in relieving patients of their money than their pain. Thankfully, the vast majority of chiropractors are honest and operate with integrity, and we do not mean to denigrate the average doctor of chiropractic in any way. But there are some bad apples out there, and you should know what the warning signs of a chiropractor to avoid are.

First, does he or she make claims that sound unbelievable on their face? Such as being able to reverse cancer or diabetes or other serious diseases through spinal manipulation? Believe it or not, there are a few chiropractors who make such outlandish claims. But there is no scientific evidence that spinal manipulation can have any effect on such diseases, let alone cure them. Run from any chiropractors who make these claims.

Second, does the chiropractor claim to possess some “suppressed” or secret technique or treatment method that only he or she knows about? Of course, medical breakthroughs by a single person are still possible today, but they are extremely rare. Word of any such insights would quickly spread. Claims like this are not good, and chiropractors making them should generally be avoided.

Third, does he or she try to pressure you into signing up for a months long or year long treatment plan, consisting of 2 or 3 visits per week? This will be very expensive, and is rarely necessary. This sort of thing used to be a lot more common in the chiropractic field than it is today, but it has by no means died out completely. Any chiropractor who tries to commit you to spending thousands of dollars over a year when all you wanted was a spinal adjustment should be avoided.

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