Airbus shows off fancy brand-new cabin design

Airbus Airspace cabin Inner surface ceiling economy class
Airbus’ brand-new cabin design for its A320 airliners is usually required to roll out in 2020.

For millions of airline passengers, the cabin can make or break the experience.

European jetliner some sort of Airbus announced Monday at the Paris Air Show which would likely give the cabin of its single-aisle A320 airliners a glitzy make over starting in 2020.

The brand-new design borrows significantly coming from the A320’s twin-aisle siblings, the A330neo as well as A350 XWB, which are both getting a similar cabin makeover.

Airbus claims which is usually today providing airlines as well as passengers the largest overhead bins in its class. Its brand-new bins fit eight bags instead of the usual several with space for larger bags stored on their side, the aircraft maker said.

various other features of the brand-new design include:

  • Increased cabin width — brand-new sidewall panels offer an extra inch of shoulder space
  • Window shades which give more window area as well as better views
  • A brand-new lavatory design including mood lighting, automatic aroma dispenser as well as anti-bacterial coatings

Inner surface cabin lighting is usually also a central part of the brand-new design, including ceiling illumination meant to welcome passengers coming from the moment they first step aboard the airplane. Airlines will be able to customize the cabin as well as pick coming from 16.4 million colour LED lighting options.

Airbus Airspace cabin design entrance
The Airspace design for the Airbus A320 entrance.

In 2010, Airbus arch-rival Boeing introduced its own “sky Inner surface” cabin revamp for its single-aisle 737 airliners. Like Airbus, Boeing gave its smaller jets an Inner surface inspired by its larger 787 Dreamliner.

Airbus Airspace cabin design window
A cabin window in an Airbus A320 with the Airspace design scheme.

In addition to larger as well as easier to open overhead storage bins, Sky Inner surface’s lighting scheme matches different times of day to prompt passengers to feel more at home aboard as well as less like they were flying.

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Airbus shows off fancy brand-new cabin design

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