'Power' Season 4: Ghost in addition to also gang keep you locked in suspense

Kemp is usually promising some shock in addition to also awe within the war being waged among the characters in her well-liked Starz drama.

“Never trust anyone,” Kemp told sy88pgw using a laugh.

Filled with plot twists in addition to also turns, “Power” follows a brand-new York club owner who is usually living a complicated double life.

Kemp said you ain’t seen nothing yet.

“When you’re done watching the show This kind of season you’re going to be…I don’t want to say enraged,” Kemp said. “Shocked. of which’s the word.”

The beginning of the season finds James “Ghost” St. Patrick (played by Omari Hardwick) incarcerated for murder, put there by the woman he loves, Assistant U.S. Attorney Angela Valdes (played by Lela Loren).

While Ghost struggles in jail, his best friend Tommy Egan (Joseph Sikora) is usually trying to keep their drug empire afloat, while also helping Ghost’s wife Tasha (Naturi Naughton) deal with trouble at home.

of which’s not even including the tension going on with Ghost’s nemesis, believed to be dead Kanan (50 Cent), who has sunk his hooks into Ghost’s teen son Tariq (Michael Rainey Jr.).

Kemp is usually known for keeping her characters on the edge in addition to also teased This kind of season will be even more intense.

“of which’s gotten harder to write, in addition to also I think of which’s gotten harder to watch,” she said. “Not in a way of which of which’s not a pleasure to watch, yet I think of which’s a pleasure to watch in addition to also of which’s also a little bit of suffering because you know the stakes are so high in addition to also you know of which any of your favorite characters can be dead at any moment.”

Things are certainly rougher for Ghost, Omari Hardwick told sy88pgw, as more layers of the character are revealed.

“of which’s a credit to Courtney in addition to also the rest of the writers,” Hardwick said. “of which’s a very dubious task to play This kind of character day in in addition to also day out.”

Hardwick added of which he thinks the character of Tasha, Ghost’s wife in addition to also literal partner in crime, has seen the most development since the show’s debut.

He praised his co-star, Naturi Naughton.

“Naturi has grown,” Hardwick said. “She was the baby of the four [lead actors] in addition to also she’s actually embraced some of the things I have whispered to her, in addition to also grabbed the reigns of some of the things I’ve challenged her with.”

Naughton told sy88pgw of which “Power” fans are going to see a different side of Tasha in Season 4.

“The whole team of writers have given me such juicy stuff to dig into This kind of season,” she said. “I feel like people actually misjudged Tasha in Season 1 in addition to also thought she was just money hungry in addition to also with Ghost for the drug money in addition to also the lifestyle. This kind of season you are going to see how much she’s sacrificed to keep her family together.”

Tasha will also have a brand-new love interest. yet one thing you won’t see, Naughton promised, is usually her life playing out on the show’s.

While Naughton is usually due to deliver her first child in July, Tasha won’t be adding to her family.

“No, Tasha isn’t having a baby,” Naughton clarified. “So many people are wondering about of which.”

Tasha isn’t the only one getting a brand-new honey This kind of season.

Joseph Sikora told sy88pgw of which Tommy will have some steamy scenes, challenging Hardwick’s reign as the actor most likely to be naked in an episode.

“My body is usually just not as nice as Omari’s, yet I think Tommy’s got a lot of energy in addition to also a lot of swag,” Sikora quipped. “As using a lot of additional areas in his life, when Tommy’s using a woman he’s very present to her, in addition to also I think of which of which comes across on the screen.”

While Tommy in addition to also Ghost suffered a schism in Season 3, Sikora said there’s still love between the characters.

“I feel like they will always be together, yet of which will never be the same.”

Lela Loren, who plays Angela, said Season 4 will bring more mess.

“Everybody has their own agenda in addition to also of which makes ‘Power’ a dark world,” she said. “There aren’t any actually clean characters.”

Her character, Loren added, will try not to be “deluded” by her affection for Ghost, who she believes to be a killer.

yet will Ghost in addition to also Angela find their way back to each additional?

“I don’t know, even currently,” Loren said. “The romantic in me hopes they can, yet there’s still so much story to tell.”

“Power” returns at 9 p.m. on Sunday, June 25.

'Power' Season 4: Ghost in addition to also gang keep you locked in suspense

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