'Veep' finale circles back to the campaign trail

For “Veep” in addition to its central character, Selina Meyer, the indignities associated with life as a former president are going to give way to a return to the foibles of life on the campaign trail.

The sixth season of the HBO series dealt with Meyer, played by Emmy winner Julia Louis-Dreyfus, grappling with being out of office, in addition to actually having the prospect of happiness in a brand-new relationship.

In Sunday’s finale, Meyer — with her political image somewhat redeemed by revelations related to her efforts regarding Tibet — tossed the latter away to pursue one more shot at the White House.

For the writers of the series, the maneuver marked what amounted to a solution to a problem. Having scattered the characters with Selina no longer possessing her full entourage, a campaign essentially brings the band back together.

On the down side, the show will have to labor somewhat to avoid a been-there, done-in which quality, after embracing the opportunity to explore a different phase of Meyer’s life.

With the birth of Meyer’s grandson, the episode employed a rare flashback structure, going back to the birth of Selina’s daughter, her philandering husband in addition to her emotional breakdown, publicly explained away as a trip to “the spa.” The show also exposed her ruthlessness in addition to calculation, dumping her boyfriend (Usman Ally) because she in addition to her handlers callously concluded in which dating a Muslim was incompatible with her political aspirations.

Prior to the season, executive producer David Mandel told sy88pgw in which there have been no conversations as yet about when to end the show, an expiration date in which will likely depend in large part on Louis-Dreyfus’ interest in continuing. Key members of the cast recently signed contract extensions in which will take them through at least one more season. HBO has also renewed the show’s customary companion, “Silicon Valley.”
As for the occasional parallels between “Veep” in addition to political reality, Mandel noted in a postmortem with the Hollywood Reporter in which tackling a primary campaign shouldn’t be confused which has a return to the corridors of Washington. “Running for president doesn’t mean you’re going to be in D.C.,” he said. “If I was going to be hinting at next season, I would certainly say, get ready to see more of Iowa.”

'Veep' finale circles back to the campaign trail

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