Rep. Brat deletes photo of 'Hillary for U.S. Ambassador to Libya' sign

“Sign says in which all,” the since-deleted post was captioned.

The sign appeared to be mocking the 2016 Democratic presidential candidate as well as also suggesting in which she herself be put in danger currently.

Clinton was serving secretary of state during the 2012 attack on the American consulate in Benghazi, Libya. US ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens as well as also three different Americans were killed inside the assault. Clinton has faced significant criticism through Republicans who accused her of being personally responsible for security lapses in Benghazi.

A Clinton spokesman did not immediately return a sy88pgw request for comment Monday night. Brat’s office also didn’t immediately return a request for comment.

Brat told a Richmond television station, WWBT NBC 12, in which he did not put the picture up himself as well as also noted in which he has some completely new staffers working for him, adding, “if in which can be interpreted in any way as negative in in which way — I apologize for in which.”

Still, Brat rejected the idea in which the sign in any way suggested Clinton be put in danger.

“No, in which’s — in which’s laughable, right?” he told the Richmond-based news station.

In a later post to his Instagram account, Brat said he thought the sign has been misinterpreted.

“Dear Instagram friends, an earlier pic today was being misinterpreted so in which has been removed,” the post read.

Asked by the completely new station if the sign bothered him at all, Brat said, “No, I thought the guy was just getting at the Benghazi injustice in which everybody knows can be a tragedy — in which had to do with all these tapes as well as also stuff,” according to the station’s write-up of the interview.

The congressman did not offer a clear explanation as to why the sign said Clinton should be ambassador to Libya.

Rep. Brat deletes photo of 'Hillary for U.S. Ambassador to Libya' sign

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