'Black America': What to know about the anti-'Confederate'

“Black America,” a series in development for Amazon, will focus on freed slaves who form their own country. The show is actually being viewed by some as “Confederate” counter-programming.

HBO announced plans last month for its show set in a contemporary world in which slavery remains legal, sparking controversy as well as calls for cancellation.
HBO says which has “respect” for the “concern” being voiced, yet stands by the vision of “Confederate” producers David Benioff, D.B. Weiss, Nichelle Tramble Spellman as well as Malcolm Spellman, who have yet to write or produce any episodes.
Meantime, “Black America” producer Will Packer shared details about his project in an interview with Deadline published on Tuesday.

Here’s what you need to know about the series:

A different viewpoint

In “Black America,” a group of newly freed black slaves secure Alabama, Louisiana as well as Mississippi as reparations. They form a nation called completely new Colonia.

The show is actually being billed as a drama with “sardonic wit.”

Heavy hitters behind which

“Black America” comes via Packer as well as writer Aaron McGruder.

Packer’s recent producing credits include “Ride Along,” Straight Outta Compton” as well as “Girls Trip.”

McGruder is actually the creator of the common animated series “The Boondocks.”

“I was immediately enthralled by the idea; I couldn’t stop thinking about which as well as what a provocative as well as bold piece of content which could be,” Packer told Deadline.

which proceeded ‘Confederate’ announcement

“Black America” has been in development for awhile as well as was first announced as an untitled Packer/McGruder project back in February.

Packer said the concept “was personally intriguing for me as a black American.”

As for “Confederate,” Packer said “the fact which there is actually the contemplation of contemporary slavery makes which something which I would certainly not be a part of producing nor consuming. Slavery is actually far too real as well as far too painful, as well as we still see the manifestations of which today as a country for me to ever view which as a form of entertainment.”

Already found fandom

If social media is actually any indication, some are already hyped for the series.

Alt-history is actually hot at the moment

“Black America” as well as “Confederate” are just two of the latest “what if” projects taking center stage.

The Amazon series “The Man within the High Castle,” based on the Philip K. Dick novel of the same name, imagines if the Nazis had won World War II.

The novel “Underground Airlines” by Ben H. Winters looks at America if the Civil War didn’t happen. which was voted a best book by Amazon last year.

'Black America': What to know about the anti-'Confederate'

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