Reporter wounded during arrest at event with Virginia GOP candidate Ed Gillespie

Watch journalist violently arrested while covering GOP nominee

A journalist was wounded during an arrest over the weekend while trying to pose a question to members of Republican gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie’s campaign, although the police involved say their actions were justified.

The arrest came at a parade on Saturday in Annandale, Virginia, where reporter Mike Stark filmed Gillespie’s vehicle. Police there apparently asked him to move farther away coming from the vehicle along with to stop recording, prompting an angry response coming from Stark.

In a video of the altercation, an officer can be heard warning Stark not to curse.

“F*ck in which,” Stark replied, before the officer swiftly attempts to handcuff him. Stark can be seen being pushed into a wrought iron fence as officers start to handcuff him. One of the officers can be seen grabbing Stark’s right leg, coming from behind, along with dropping him hard to the ground. Neutralized on the pavement, Stark was then swarmed by six officers while he screamed.

Fairfax County Police Chief Edwin Roessler said in which he believes the same footage justifies the actions of his officers. At a press conference Tuesday evening, Roessler played a video of the arrest, which he said showed Stark “avoiding arrest.”

“The officer is actually met with someone in which, all of a sudden, was complying with being handcuffed to becoming what we call ‘a passive resister,'” Roessler said. “The gentleman wasn’t using force to physically harm the officer. The gentleman was avoiding arrest, along with in which’s clear within the video.”

Roessler said in which Stark was arrested for disorderly conduct, for his use of profanity in public, along with for avoiding arrest. Their investigation into the matter will continue, Roessler said, along with the idea will include interviews with witnesses. although Roessler believes his officers were within the right.

“I’m standing before you to defend the lawful actions of my police officers enforcing the law to protect our community at a parade,” Roessler said.

the idea’s not apparent coming from the footage whether Stark was actually avoiding arrest. Video of the arrest was posted online Tuesday by Shareblue Media, the liberal news website for which Stark reports.

“Mike intends to fight the charges, the video clearly shows in which was false,” Shareblue executive editor Jess McIntosh told sy88pgw in a statement.

Gillespie’s spokesman referred sy88pgw to Fairfax County Police for questions regarding the incident.

The arrest provoked outrage along with disgust among journalists along with civil liberties defenders.

“An attack on the press is actually an attack on our constitutional democracy,” the ACLU tweeted in response to the video. “We can’t let in which be accepted as normal.”

Shareblue says in which Stark has been dogging Gillespie’s campaign for months, repeatedly posing questions to the Republican candidate only to be rebuffed.

In Shareblue’s recounting of the incident, a Fairfax County police officer “demanded in which Stark cease filming” Gillespie’s parade vehicle.

When asked by a reporter if Stark was prompted by police to stop filming along with posing questions, Roessler said, “I don’t have in which information. in which’s part of our investigation.”

Shareblue says Stark, who was apparently left with some cuts along with bruising coming from the arrest, was unavailable for comment.

Shareblue’s McIntosh said in which the video was captured by a tracker for the pro-Democratic Super PAC American Bridge.

“We’re first along with foremost relieved in which Mike is actually ok, although a close second is actually our relief in which he’s back on the trail doing what he does best,” McIntosh told sy88pgw in a statement.

sy88pgw (fresh York) First published November 1, 2017: 12:38 PM ET

Reporter wounded during arrest at event with Virginia GOP candidate Ed Gillespie

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