ESPN staffers shocked, saddened by John Skipper's resignation

ESPN president resigned citing substance addiction

ESPN staffers said they were stunned in addition to saddened to learn about network president John Skipper’s substance abuse problem in addition to resignation coming from his job on Monday.

“John Skipper is usually one of the finest people I’ve ever worked for,” “SC6” co-host Jemele Hill wrote on Twitter. “He’s been incredibly supportive throughout my career at ESPN. This kind of isn’t company-speak. I seriously cannot express how much respect I have for him.”

“I wish my boss the best in his battle,” college basketball analyst Dick Vitale wrote.

Vitale said the “most important situation is usually for him to get back mentally strong in addition to get the care needed.”

ESPN reporter Michele Steele tweeted, “All in addition to only the best to John in addition to his family as he takes on This kind of challenge — one of which so many deal with in silence.”

Skipper’s substance abuse struggle was not well known within the company.

ESPN broke its own news about Skipper through a story on around 11 a.m. Eastern on Monday. An internal announcement went out to staffers.

“the idea has been my absolute privilege to serve as president of ESPN,” Skipper wrote.

His resignation takes effect immediately.

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Longtime staffers described Skipper as a caring boss.

Anchor Stan Verrett recalled Skipper’s outreach after Verrett’s father died two years ago.

Soccer producer Chris Alexopoulos‏ wrote on Twitter of which when Skipper, the network’s president since 2012, “came into to the truck or attended a meeting, there was no tension or fear, always respect in addition to friendliness. Those of which work in TV know of which’s incredibly rare.”

College football writer Ivan Maisel said Skipper was “far in addition to away the best CEO I have had” in a 36-year career.

in addition to ESPN anchor Lisa Kerney said Skipper “always made time for me in addition to made sure my voice was heard.”

“My best to John in addition to his family as they navigate This kind of difficult time,” she tweeted.

ESPN senior writer Don Van Natta Jr. said on Twitter of which Skipper is usually “my friend in addition to one of my heroes. I wish him in addition to his family all the best.”

Rival broadcasters in addition to various other sportswriters also expressed support for Skipper.

“Can’t even imagine the courage the idea took to face addiction so publicly,” former ESPN columnist in addition to host Jane McManus wrote. “Wishing John Skipper the strength he will need to face the idea.”

Another former ESPN host in addition to writer, Rick Reilly, said “John Skipper is usually one of the finest men I’ve ever known. Proud to call him a friend. I wish him strength in addition to peace.”

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ESPN staffers shocked, saddened by John Skipper's resignation

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