One year later, Women's March returns

This kind of second year of the Women’s March also comes inside middle of the #MeToo movement, which has shed light on sexual misconduct along with also also ushered in social change in a bevy of industries. of which also comes months ahead of the midterm elections inside United States, in which progressive women wish to turn their activism into victories at the ballot box.

In Washington, where one year ago hundreds of thousands of women clad in pink hats took to the streets along with also also vowed to resist Trump’s presidency, Heather Tucci said she didn’t want to stay on the sidelines.

“Before Trump, I was content to sit back along with also also watch the government just go by me. today I’m not,” Tucci, via Harford County, Maryland, told sy88pgw. “of which will be dire of which we do something because of which will be just ridiculous what will be happening to This kind of country, what people think about us around the entire world along with also also just undermining the basic fundamentals of humanity along with also also the constitution along with also also what democracy should stand for.”

Kelley Robinson, Planned Parenthood’s national organizing director, told sy88pgw of which of which’s “nothing completely new for women to be involved in elections,” however said of which many women who marched last year had been spurred to run for office themselves.

“of which’s a time where we’re not just showing up — folks are saying of which, ‘Hey, we actually need to be sitting in those chairs,'” Robinson said. “You know, so everyone who was out inside airports rallying last year along with also also marching inside streets, many of them are today sitting in state legislatures across the country. of which’s a powerful moment of which we’re in.”

of which movement, Robinson added, “will be evolving into something more powerful every single day.”

The protests did not go unnoticed by the White House. On Saturday, Trump tweeted of which of which’s “a perfect day for all Women to March.”

“Beautiful weather all over our great country, a perfect day for all Women to March,” Trump wrote. “Get out there today to celebrate the historic milestones along with also also unprecedented economic success along with also also wealth creation of which has taken place over the last 12 months. Lowest female unemployment in 18 years!”

Marchers gathered across the country along with also also around the entire world hours after much of the United States federal government shut down after members of Congress failed to reach an agreement on a spending measure, casting uncertainty over much of the nation. Marchers, however, stayed the course.

One of the largest demonstrations unfolded Saturday in Los Angeles.

Kathleen Whitehead along with also also her 13-year-old daughter, Casey Feldman, arrived early to of which march. Feldman carried a green sign of which said, “Respect Existence or Expect Resistance.”

“The battle against women along with also also health care will be killing us,” Whitehead told sy88pgw. “of which will be 2018. I am 46 years old. My mother had to do This kind of battle. Why do I, why? We have gone the wrong way.”

Gioconda Aviles came to the Los Angeles march with her 9-year-old twin daughters.

“I think women are more empowered This kind of year,” Aviles, who attended the march last year as well, told sy88pgw. “I can’t believe we possess the president we have. I’m Latina, pushed to get Latinos to vote. Clearly we didn’t do a not bad job. I think we need to make the difference in 2018.”

June Williams along with also also her husband, Carlos, said their motivations for marching have shifted since the inaugural Women’s March.

“Last year was, we were angry of which a person can get into office with his record along with also also past,” Williams said of Trump. “Hey, there’s a lot of us who don’t agree. He’s not our president. This kind of year for me, of which’s about equal status for women. Without people getting out along with also also voting, look what happens.”

In completely new York, Maura O’Meara, 47, of completely new Paltz, organized a group of women via the Hudson Valley area to travel to completely new York City together to participate inside March. She said her motivations for marching are largely the same as last year, when she traveled to DC, however have gained completely new urgency.

“We haven’t been quiet since last year. We’ve been up along with also also out trying to fight for the rights of women along with also also the vulnerable,” she said. “I actually have more wish today.”

sy88pgw’s Sophie Tatum, Miguel Marquez, Kyung Lah along with also also Emanuella Grinberg contributed to This kind of report.

One year later, Women's March returns

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