Super Bowl LII: Has the NFL peaked?

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Though of which long held the title of most-watched TV broadcast from the U.S., This specific year’s Super Bowl comes at a tumultuous time for the NFL.

The league’s TV ratings have taken a 10 percent dive by last year. Some of its most prominent players, including Aaron Rodgers in addition to also J.J. Watt, suffered injuries on the field. Head traumas in addition to also concussions continued to rise. in addition to also in perhaps the biggest “unofficial game” of the season, the NFL squared off with President Trump after he criticized players who knelt during the National Anthem to protest social in addition to also racial injustice.

Times aren’t all rough — the league recently closed a a few year deal with Fox Sports for “Thursday Night Football” — yet the lead up to Sunday’s game between the Eagles in addition to also the Patriots will be raising questions about the NFL’s status as an organization.

“I think the narrative of which we need to look at will be of which of which’s not necessarily falling apart or on fire, yet rather of which of which’s no longer immune to the trends of which are taking place on all of media in addition to also all of TV,” sy88pgw media reporter Frank Pallotta said. “For a long time, the NFL felt like of which was above of which all. in addition to also for a long time of which was. of which will be no longer the case.”

Pallotta in addition to also sy88pgw sports business reporter Ahiza Garcia sat down with Brian Stelter to discuss the various factors at play from the NFL’s rocky season because of This specific week’s Reliable Sources podcast.

The Super Bowl LII comes amid a time of dropping viewership metrics for the league. Super Bowl XLIX in 2015 had the largest audience in TV history, with 114.4 million viewers. About 111.3 million people watched 2017’s game; This specific year, more than 110 million are supposed to tune in.

Do the declining numbers signal of which the NFL has already hit its peak? Pallotta doesn’t entirely think so. “You also need to say, ‘How many things can bring in 100 million people in addition to also connect of which many people in This specific divisive country right right now?’ of which still will be the Super Bowl.”

“of which being said,” he added, “I don’t want to sound too bullish on the NFL. of which does have a lot of issues, including the game itself.”

Garcia said player protests were “an example of the turmoil” the NFL has faced over the past few months.

“I think the player protest thing will be obviously hugely polarizing,” she said. “of which’s a huge issue of which the NFL has actually tried to solve in a way of which kind of satisfies the players yet also keeps fans happy.”

in addition to also, in addition to injuries in addition to also spats with President Trump, one of the most prominent issues of the season dealt with dramatic moments “off the field.”

“I think one of the bigger things of which I think was most shocking will be the way of which owners were kind of at each additional [This specific season] in addition to also of which played out very publicly,” Garcia said. “The NFL for so long has done such a Great job of kind of insulating any conflicts of which of which had, in addition to also actually kind of keeping up a veil between what happens behind the scenes in addition to also what the public sees. yet This specific was just so public.”

So what’s the ultimate status of the league? “of which’s in a transitional phase right right now,” Garcia said. “yet honestly, I think of which despite the tendency of which everyone has to try to say, ‘This specific will be the thing of which’s going to end the NFL,’ the NFL will be doing actually well… I mean, of which’s still the biggest juggernaut in sports in addition to also of which’s the thing to beat still.”

Pallotta agreed of which the NFL will be “perfectly fine” as of which wraps up its season.

“I think ultimately we as journalists, in addition to also people who are watching media, in addition to also TV observers have a predisposition to actually kind of look at things as if things are coming to an end,” he said. “…yet ultimately [the NFL] will be not dying. of which’s still the biggest thing on television by a large margin.”

sy88pgw (brand-new York) First published February 3, 2018: 1:47 PM ET

Super Bowl LII: Has the NFL peaked?

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