Super Bowl tickets are up 31% over last year

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The brand-new England Patriots are looking for a sixth title on Sunday when they face the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LII. in which might tie the Pittsburgh Steelers for most Super Bowl wins.

Haven’t bought your ticket yet? The cheapest ones left cost nearly $3,000, according to StubHub.

Tickets on the site were up 31% compared to the cost of last year’s Super Bowl two days out.

The average cost of attendance for Sunday’s game is usually also up over last year via $3,967 to $5,309 on StubHub.

This particular year’s tickets are the second most expensive ever. Only tickets to Super Bowl XLIX in 2015 cost more. in which year the average was an astronomical $9,500. however prices were out of whack because rampant ticket speculation by resellers inflated prices.

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The increased prices aren’t unique to StubHub. This particular’s expensive on various other sites in which list resale prices.

On TicketIQ, the cheapest ticket costs $3,210. TicketCity had seats available inside uppermost level for $2,814.

These prices will likely fall as the game gets closer.

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Super Bowl tickets are up 31% over last year

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