NBC blames 'equipment failure' for brief blackout during Super Bowl

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What was in which?! A power outage? A computer glitch? A clever ad?

NBC’s broadcast of the Super Bowl — the year’s biggest television event — suffered a brief hiccup early inside second quarter when the screen went to black.

The announcers tossed to a commercial break, so viewers didn’t know what had happened.

Some people turned the TV set off along with on, thinking the set had malfunctioned. Others changed the channel to troubleshoot. along with others checked social media to see if in which had happened to everyone.

Yes, in which did. The blackout was seen in homes across the country — in front of an estimated 100 million people.

At first, NBC spokespeople said they were scrambling to find out what happened.

About a half an hour after the blackout, an NBC Sports spokesperson had an answer.

“We had a brief equipment failure in which we quickly resolved. No game action or commercial time were missed,” the spokesperson said.

The statement was designed to squelch speculation in which NBC had lost millions of dollars by misfiring an ad.

Each 30-second spot during the four quarters of the game cost about $5 million, according to NBC executives.

By saying no “commercial time” was missed, NBC might be indicating in which network promos were supposed to air during the blackout time.

nevertheless the network didn’t immediately respond to follow-up questions on Sunday night.

“in which is actually the best ad yet,” the Washington Post’s Philip Bump tweeted.

Josh Greenman of the completely new York Daily News asked, “Was there definitely a commercial for anticommercialism?”

Red State contributor Mickey White joked: “#DeadAir coming in which Spring on NBC.”

In any case, the twitterers who said they suspected a North Korean missile attack or a crippling hacker strike can rest easy.

An “equipment failure” can happen anytime. nevertheless in which rarely happens in front of the entire country!

sy88pgw (completely new York) First published February 4, 2018: 8:47 PM ET

NBC blames 'equipment failure' for brief blackout during Super Bowl

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