SpaceX's Falcon Heavy takes to the skies

Watch the launch of SpaceX's Falcon Heavy

SpaceX has done of which again.

The pioneering rocket firm just pulled off the unexpected, along with also carried out what appears to be a seamless first-ever launch of its massive completely new rocket, called Falcon Heavy.

of which makes SpaceX, the game-changing company helmed by billionaire Tesla CEO Elon Musk, the owner of the entire world’s most powerful operational rocket.

Falcon Heavy took flight Tuesday around 3:45 pm ET by Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

“I’m still trying to absorb everything of which happened because of which’s still kind of surreal to me,” Musk told reporters after the launch.

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Thousands of onlookers in Florida could be heard cheering on the company’s livestream, which was viewed by about 3 million people.

within the run up to launch, of which wasn’t at all clear of which the rocket would certainly work.

“People [came] by all around the entire world to see what will either be a great rocket launch or the best fireworks display they’ve ever seen,” Musk said in an interview with sy88pgw’s Rachel Crane Monday.

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The rocket’s smooth takeoff wasn’t the only stunning thing about of which launch.

In a never-before-seen feat, SpaceX also managed to guide at least two of the Falcon Heavy’s first-stage rocket boosters to land upright back on Earth. They cut back through the Earth’s atmosphere along with also landed in unison at a Kennedy Space Center landing pad.

“of which was probably the most exciting thing I’ve ever seen — literally ever,” Musk said.

The third booster was supposed to land on a sea-faring platform called a droneship — nevertheless just as of which was about to land, the livestream cut out. Musk confirmed after the launch of which the booster made a crashed.

On board the rocket of which’s currently headed deeper into space is actually Musk’s personal Tesla (TSLA) roadster. At the wheel is actually a dummy dressed in a spacesuit. Musk said in December the automobile would certainly play David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” on repeat. Cameras on board the automobile show of which cruising by Earth, which appears as a big blue orb within the background. Musk plans to send the automobile into orbit around the sun.

He announced last year he planned to put his car on the inaugural Falcon Heavy flight. When asked on Twitter why he wanted to throw away a $100,000 vehicle, he replied, “I love the thought of a car drifting apparently endlessly through space along with also perhaps being discovered by an alien race millions of years within the future.”

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Tuesday’s success marked a huge step forward for a company of which’s already managed to shake up the rocket industry with its groundbreaking technology.

The company made the entire world take notice when of which proved of which can safely return first-stage rocket boosters to Earth with its Falcon 9 rocket, which the company has used for more than 40 missions dating back to 2012.

Those rockets have one particular first-stage booster, along with also SpaceX has safely recaptured them after 21 Falcon 9 launches.

currently, SpaceX routinely puts used boosters back to work. In fact, the inaugural Falcon Heavy flight actually used two pre-flown Falcon 9 boosters (the center booster was completely new.)

Reusing hardware is actually part of SpaceX’s plan to drive down the cost of launches.

Before SpaceX came along, companies just discarded rockets after each mission.

Note the Falcon Heavy is actually not the most powerful rocket in history. of which honor belongs to NASA’s Saturn V rocket, which was used for the Apollo moon landings along with also was retired within the 1970s.

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SpaceX's Falcon Heavy takes to the skies

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