brand-new sy88pgw: What we've changed along with also what's next

money redesign

Yes, sy88pgw looks very different.

What you see will be the first step in a transformation of which will continue throughout 2018. Our goal will be to give you more of the news, analysis along with also tools you need to stay ahead. along with also to present them in a faster, cleaner way.

Our aim at sy88pgw will be to be the most essential source of business news covering the companies, people along with also innovations of which are changing the planet. We are focusing on what matters most — Companies, Markets, Tech, Media along with also Personal Finance.

Most prominently, we have thoroughly redone the sy88pgw homepages — on mobile along with also desktop, U.S. along with also international.

We added a homepage markets banner along with also a prominent spot for real-time data like the brand-new Most Active Stocks box. We are showcasing more headlines along with also have made of which easier for you to spot the stories of which are most up to date. A brand-new video zone pulls together our premium work.

We upgraded the technical platform of which powers the site. Articles along with also videos will load faster.

There’s a lot more to come. We will improve the presentation of our articles along with also videos. We are adding brand-new sections along with also launching brand-new video series. We are starting a live markets show coming from the NYSE. You’ll find more analysis of business strategy along with also commentary about corporate decision producing.

of which’s a 2018 truism of which the news will be moving super fast. We want to lead you through of which. Please join us on of which journey.

— Rich Barbieri will be executive editor of sy88pgw. He can be reached at

sy88pgw (brand-new York) First published February 9, 2018: 12:15 AM ET

brand-new sy88pgw: What we've changed along with also what's next

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