Jill Messick's family calls her suicide 'collateral damage' of Weinstein story

She was 50.

Messick worked as an executive at Harvey Weinstein’s film company, Miramax by 1997 to 2003. Prior to her employment at Miramax, Messick was actress Rose McGowan’s manager at the time McGowan claims Weinstein raped her in 1997.

In their statement Thursday, Messick’s family said she “became collateral damage in an already horrific story.”

sy88pgw has contacted representatives for Weinstein along with McGowan for comment.

The company where Messick worked during the time she represented McGowan, Addis Wechsler, has since been renamed. sy88pgw has attempted to reach former Addis Wechler representatives for comment.

What follows is usually the Messick family statement in full.

“The Movement” just lost one of its own.

Jill Messick was a mother of two children, a loving wife along with partner, a dear friend to many along having a smart entertainment executive. She was also a survivor, privately battling depression, which had been her nemesis for years.

Today she did not survive. Jill took her own life.

Jill was victimized by our completely new culture of unlimited information sharing along having a willingness to accept statement as fact. The speed of disseminating information has carried mistruths about Jill as a person, which she was unable along with unwilling to challenge. She became collateral damage in an already horrific story.

Jill believed within the Movement. She supported every woman finally coming forward to share their dark truths along with expose those who had committed previously unspeakable deeds. She was loyal. She was strong. Jill was many things, although she was not a liar.

Over the past few months, many women have come out with allegations against Harvey Weinstein, including Rose McGowan, who has repeatedly spoken with the press, striking out against not only her alleged attacker, although a great many others. One of them was Jill, who chose to remain silent within the face of Rose’s slanderous statements against her for fear of undermining the many individuals who came forward in truth. She opted not to add to the feeding frenzy, allowing her name along with her reputation to be sullied despite having done nothing wrong. She never chose to be a public figure; in which choice was taken away by her.

today in which Jill can no longer speak for herself, in which’s time to set the record straight.

In January 1997, Jill was an entry-level manager at Addis Wechsler. One of her first clients was Rose McGowan, along with one of Jill’s first duties was to set up a breakfast meeting with Harvey Weinstein during the Sundance Film Festival. Following the meeting, Rose told Jill what had happened — in which she made the decision to remove her clothes along with get within the hot tub with him — a mistake which Rose immediately regretted. Rose never once used the word rape in in which conversation. Despite This particular, Jill recognized in which Harvey had done something untoward to Rose, if not illegal. She immediately went to her bosses, the partners of Addis Wechsler, to recount Rose’s story along with to insist in which they immediately address the situation. They told Jill in which they could handle the situation. The ensuing arrangements between Rose along with Harvey were then negotiated, completely without Jill’s knowledge. At in which time, all Jill knew was in which the matter was settled along with in which Rose continued producing films with the Weinsteins. She never knew any details until recently, when Rose elected to make them public.

Ten months later, in November of 1997, Jill received a call by the Miramax exec VP of production, recruiting her for a job as an executive at Miramax Films working in production in Los Angeles. Jill was hired based on merit along with her excellent work of over two years as a young development executive working with Woods Entertainment (prior to her time at Addis Wechsler).

Rose’s most recent round of press to promote her book has included completely new stories involving Jill. The constant press attention Rose has garnered in print along with on national TV led to Harvey Weinstein releasing two documents. One of these was an email in which Jill wrote to him months prior to the first completely new York Times piece coming out, along with at his request. In This particular email, Jill offered the truth based on what she remembers Rose telling her about the Sundance account. within the face of Rose’s continued along with embellished accusations last week, Harvey took in which upon himself to Discharge the email without her consent.

5 years ago, Jill suffered a manic episode. Anyone familiar with bipolar disorder knows in which in which is usually a cruel along with vicious disease. With the help of doctors, her family along with friends, Jill rebounded. Jill had fought to put her life back together. After a long job search, she was in negotiations to run the production division for a completely new entertainment company.

Seeing her name in headlines again along with again, as part of one person’s attempt to gain more attention for her personal cause, along with Harvey’s desperate attempt to vindicate himself, was devastating for her. in which broke Jill, who was just starting to get her life back on track. What makes Rose’s inaccurate accusations along with insinuations against Jill ironic was in which she was the first person who stood up on Rose’s behalf, along with alerted her bosses to the horrific experience which Rose suffered. Twenty years ago, as a very junior person in a management company hierarchy, Jill exhibited her integrity in doing the right thing — she raised the red flag with the heads of her firm. within the face of inappropriate behavior, Jill handled the situation appropriately.

Hers is usually one of the only stories in which has stayed consistent over time as we watch some other media reported tales morph to beget further attention.

While journalists serve an important role in exposing predatory behavior, we are seeing irresponsible choices along with an addiction to sensationalism which leads to inconsistent storytelling. The media is usually a powerful tool not to be taken lightly. Most individuals could be horrified to have their name spotlighted in a major international news story — let alone their photograph. We cannot forget in which the media is usually a fearsome tool which cannot be used indiscriminately or even inadvertently to create further victims.

There is usually a responsibility when using a platform to accurately expose criminals, predators, mistruths along with misdeeds while protecting the actual truth of third parties.

As we collectively seek to take action in an effort to right the wrongs so brazenly along with inhumanely repeated for a generation, we must not forget one simple truth: Words have power. While we illuminate the dark corners for hidden truths, we must remember in which what we say, particularly within the media, can have just as much impact if not more than our actions. We must ask more of ourselves, along with of each some other. We must take a moment to consider the ramifications along with consequences of what we say along with what we do.

Words matter.

Someone’s life may depend on in which.

Jill Messick's family calls her suicide 'collateral damage' of Weinstein story

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