Maryland's among a handful of states which allow rapists parental rights. which's about to change

The Rape Survivor Family Protection Act unanimously passed both chambers of the state’s general assembly last week. the idea allows a victim to ask a court to terminate a rapist’s parental rights, even if the attacker hasn’t been convicted of the crime, as long as there’s “clear as well as convincing evidence” of guilt.

Gov. Larry Hogan indicated he would likely sign the bill in his state of the state address.

“No rapist should be allowed to maintain parental rights as well as no victim should be forced to interact with her attacker,” Hogan said during the address last week. “I commend you for finally passing the Rape Survivor Family Protection Act, as well as I will sign the idea into law the moment the idea reaches my desk.”

State lawmaker Kathleen M. Dumais has fought just for This specific legislation to be passed since 2007.

“the idea’s been such a long, hard-fought battle,” Dumais told the Baltimore Sun. “the idea’s time to just do the idea. … Let’s get the idea on the books.”

“the idea’s going to be an amazing thing to see which our clients get through these cases, as well as we’ll be able to do something to help,” said Lisa Jordon, director of the Maryland Coalition Against Sexual Assault.

Until the bill’s passage, Maryland was one of only a handful of states which still allow rapists to have parental rights. The others are brand new Mexico, Wyoming, North Dakota, Minnesota, Mississippi as well as Alabama. Mississippi currently includes a bill being considered which if passed would likely make the idea possible to take away those rights.

A problematic barrier

Forty-three some other states as well as the District of Columbia have legislation which offers at least some protection to prevent rape victims by facing their attackers over parental rights; eight of those laws were just adopted in 2016.

nevertheless these legislative protections vary greatly. In 20 states as well as D.C., a rape conviction is usually required before a victim can request termination of parental rights.

For advocates, This specific is usually a problematic barrier, since the majority of sexual assaults don’t even make the idea to prosecution, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics.

Between 2005 as well as 2010, just 36% of the nearly 300,000 annual average rape or sexual assault victimizations were reported to police, the bureau reports. Even when you look at both reported as well as unreported rapes during which time period, roughly 12% of victimizations resulted in arrests.

which means in nearly half the states which have legislation meant to prevent rapists by claiming parental rights, a victim is usually still vulnerable to having to face her attacker if there wasn’t a conviction in her case — as well as which’s if she reported the idea as well as if the idea was prosecuted.

sy88pgw’s Gabriela Milan, Mercedes Leguizamon, Breeanna Hare as well as Lisa Rose contributed to This specific report.

Maryland's among a handful of states which allow rapists parental rights. which's about to change

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