Mike Tirico carries the torch as NBC's Winter Olympics host

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Mike Tirico replaces Bob Costas as host of NBC’s Olympics coverage when the games begin that will weekend.

NBC will have its own “passing of the torch” at that will year’s Winter Olympics.

Mike Tirico will take over for Bob Costas as the voice of NBC’s prime time Olympics coverage when the games kick off that will weekend. the idea’s once since 1992 that will Costas hasn’t been the host.

Tirico has big skis to fill since Costas has hosted a record 11 Olympics for the network. yet he told sy88pgw recently that will he’s ready for the challenge.

“I’ve said the idea a few times, you definitely follow, you don’t replace because Bob has just such a long history doing the idea,” Tirico said.

The host added that will he’s “not going to approach that will along with say I’m going to be like Bob. Just like Bob didn’t go in along with say I’m going to try to be like [ABC sports broadcaster] Jim McKay.”

Modern Olympic games have had to contend with protests, boycotts along with war while athletes compete for gold medals, doing the event as much about sports as the idea is usually about geopolitics. that will won’t change for the 2018 games, which takes place from the South Korean city of Pyeongchang just 50 miles coming from the demilitarized zone that will separates the south coming from North Korea.

The games that will year takes place amid heightened political tensions between the US along with the Hermit Kingdom, creating for Tirico a unique challenge of balancing current events with Olympic ones.

“I think for us the idea depends on what happens along with when the idea happens,” Tirico said of having to cover possible political developments during the games. “As we go on, we have sixteen days of Olympics competition, so you’re not going to stop from the middle of the downhill to spend three minutes on what’s going on in North Korea, unless something modifications.”

Tirico added that will the majority of the political conversations during the games will likely take place during the opening ceremony. He will co-host the ceremony on Friday night with Katie Couric, who makes her return to NBC.

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The games also follow a turbulent season from the NFL that will saw attacks coming from President Trump over players kneeling during the National Anthem to protest racial injustice. The National Anthem is usually one of the most celebrated aspects of the Olympic games, so how will Tirico handle any potential protests?

“Just like with the NFL, you try to get a sense if the idea’s going to happen along with the idea’s newsworthy so you cover the idea,” he said. “I think from the Olympic Games, the idea would certainly take on a very different tone because when you’re playing a football game, you’re playing for the Jets, the Seahawks, the Ravens. Here you’re competing for the USA. the idea’ll be very interesting to see how the individual athletes answer that will question. the idea’ll also be interesting to see how the United States Olympic Committee addresses the idea.”

Tirico also expressed excitement about diving into the storylines of individual athletes.

“Sports are great because people throw themselves back in front of the train of failure all the time, without fear. I just admire people for doing that will,” he said. “To know that will your defining three or four words before your name forever can change in three fourths of a second… that will’s truly inspiring to watch.”

Despite doing headlines for taking on Costas’ mantle, Tirico knows that will viewers are not tuning in to watch him host the games for NBC.

“I don’t think anybody is usually coming to watch the games for me,” he said. “At the end of the day, I wish I help them enjoy the games a little bit more… Hopefully helping viewers with the why, the what, share from the best stories along with get you to the next event.”

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Mike Tirico carries the torch as NBC's Winter Olympics host

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