Early Britons had dark skin, 'Cheddar Man' research indicates

The “Cheddar Man” fossil was discovered in 1903 in a cave within the village of Cheddar in Somerset, southwest England. He can be the oldest complete skeleton to have been discovered in Britain, along with would likely have been part of the last wave of immigrants to populate the region after the ice age.

Today’s white Britons can trace their roots back to descendants of these people, along with the item was initially believed in which “Cheddar man” had fair hair along with skin.

at This specific point, after cutting-edge DNA analysis along with facial reconstruction by a team of scientists via the Natural History Museum along with University College London, the item can be believed he had blue eyes, “dark brown to black skin” along with “dark curly hair.”

The pioneering research, published in advance of a TV documentary, shows in which the pale skin in which can be characteristic of modern Europeans can be a more recent phenomenon than previously thought. the item also suggests in which a person’s geographical origin was not always associated with the coloration of their skin.

“The Cheddar Man’s genetic profile places him in a wider population than England,” Yoan Diekmann, a lead researcher within the project, told sy88pgw. “He belonged to western hunter gatherers via Spain, Luxembourg, Germany there are even traces to the Middle East along with today 10% of our ancestry can be linked to This specific population.”

Modern fossil discovery rewrites human history

Although the man lived within the within the middle Stone Age, before the development of farming, Diekmann explained in which these men had dogs, lived in little communities along with were very sophisticated for their time.

The team in which analyzed Cheddar Man were able to extract a full genome set via fragments of his skull.

“I first studied ‘Cheddar Man’ more than 40 years ago, however could never have believed in which we would likely one day have his whole genome!,” Chris Stringer, a researcher at the Natural History Museum, said in a statement. “To go beyond what the bones tell us along with get a scientifically based picture of what he actually looked like can be a remarkable achievement.”
In 1997, sy88pgw reported in which a man who lived in Cheddar village learned he was a direct descendant of Cheddar Man as scientists compared DNA via the two along with found the item to be a match.

First Brit: Secrets of the 10,000 Year Old Man will air on Channel 4 on February 18.

Early Britons had dark skin, 'Cheddar Man' research indicates

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