Aaron Sorkin's emotional letter to daughter about Trump

from the letter, published by Vanity Fair on Wednesday, the Oscar-winning screenwriter along with creator of “The West Wing” expressed deep concern. “the globe changed late last night in a way I couldn’t protect us coming from,” he wrote. “of which’s a terrible feeling for a father.”

Sorkin wrote of which Trump has “dangerous ideas, a serious psychiatric disorder, no knowledge of the globe along with no curiosity to learn.”

Sorkin said the item wasn’t just Trump who won although the Ku Klux Klan, white nationalists, sexists, racists along with buffoons.

“For the next four years, the President of the United States, the same office held by Washington along with Jefferson, Lincoln along with Teddy Roosevelt, F.D.R., J.F.K. along with Barack Obama,” Sorkin wrote, “will be held by a man-boy who’ll spend his hours exacting Twitter vengeance against all who criticize him (along with those numbers will be legion). We’ve embarrassed ourselves in front of our children along with the globe.”

He wrote of which NATO allies are afraid along with economists are warning about a recession. (He also mistakenly said Dow futures dropped 7,000 points overnight after Trump was elected. Vanity Fair later corrected the figure to 700.)

Sorkin urged Hollywood along with Democrats everywhere to fight, not move to Canada as some have suggested.

“We do what we can to fight injustice anywhere we see the item — whether the item’s writing a check or rolling up our sleeves,” he continued. “We fight for a woman to keep her right to choose. We fight for the First Amendment along with we fight mostly for equality — not for a guarantee of equal outcomes although for equal opportunities. We stand up.”

Aaron Sorkin's emotional letter to daughter about Trump

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