Amazing 90 Seconds Reminder After Failing vid

90 Seconds Reminder After Failing

When you start something and fail for the first time, just pick yourself up. Here’s a quick video to remind you that a goal can always be achieved it may not be easy or what you’ve achieved may not be as wonderful as you thought it was. But keep on moving forward… you’ll eventually get there.

When I failed on my first business, the first biggest lesson I learned was “plan until the end”. Because even though I took a lot of massive action, I wasn’t able to anticipate the roadblocks and ahead. On my second failed business was , the takeaway was “work harder and work smarter”. I did get to experience what I considered to be a success afterwards but I got myself in situations that distracted me from my goals, I procrastinated on what needs to be done and I became so negative that I started to think what’s the point moving forward. Inevitably, my third business failed, I was so focused on my failures because I lost time, money and relationships that it took me a while to really get the lesson out of it.

For over 12 months, I was paralyzed and continued my freelance business to get by and be able to work on myself. I needed to start reinventing myself because I always kept on looking back on the things that I should have done instead of what I should be doing at this present moment. One of the biggest mistakes that a lot of people make which also includes me is “focusing on the loss” instead of what one has gained over the past years.

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