Major Truck Accident in CA Injures Seven People

Major Truck Accident in CA Injures Seven People

All too often, truck accidents cause a great deal of pain and suffering, mostly because of the size and weight of the vehicles involved.

As a San Mateo truck accident lawyer, I have seen all kinds of crashes ranging from mild to serious and even deadly.

The latest report of a truck accident taking place in California has saddened precisely because of the great number of victims, having injured seven people and at least three critically.

According to KTLA, the accident happened in the southbound side of the 2 Freeway in Glassell Park. The Tuesday afternoon accident involved a tanker truck that rolled over, putting four other vehicles in harm’s way. Three people were trapped inside two of the vehicles. They had to be rescued by emergency crews.

At least two of the vehicles involved sustained major damage.

After the accidents, all lanes of the road were blocked so that rescue and other emergency crews could arrive at the scene. Traffic was, of course, backed up for miles.

When it comes to such accidents, we must remember that the consequences are serious. That’s why we must act accordingly by making sure that we’re being as responsible as possible. Being attentive, focused drivers who follow road rules, do not speed, and aren’t distracted is the duty of anyone with the privilege of sitting behind the wheel of a car or truck. We must all act accordingly by avoiding accidents.

As an attorney, I have seen too many accidents involving drivers who were openly negligent and whose recklessness led to serious and even deadly collisions. That’s why I tell my clients and friends to never underestimate the power of a vehicle — be it big or small.

A vehicle is a weapon and we must be responsible about its use if we’re serious about safety.

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