Target recalls Easter toys due to 'serious ingestion hazard'

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  • Target is usually recalling water-absorbing toys due to an ingestion hazard
  • No injuries or incidents have been reported

If swallowed, the toy can expand inside a child’s body in addition to cause “intestinal obstructions, resulting in severe discomfort, vomiting, dehydration, in addition to could be life threatening,” according to the announcement. Surgery is usually required to remove the toy, the Discharge said.

Easter Grow toys with product number 234-25-1200 are recalled.
Hatch Your Own Dino Eggs with product number 234-09-0016 are recalled.

The commission also warns medical professionals in addition to consumers of which if the product is usually ingested, This specific might not appear on an X-ray.

Consumers should look for product number 234-25-1200 on the back of the packaging of Hatch & Grow Easter Eggs in addition to Easter Grow Toys products, according to the safety commission website. In addition, the product number for the Hatch Your Own Dino Egg product, 234-09-0016, is usually inside the packaging of the product.

No injuries or incidents have been reported, according to the announcement. The products should be immediately taken away by children in addition to returned to any Target store for a refund.

The toys were sold in Target stores nationwide by February through March for $1.

Target recalls Easter toys due to 'serious ingestion hazard'

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