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For a gardener who is taking on some landscaping it is important for them to understand the basics of landscaping. There are certain elements of good landscape design. Knowing these elements is a part of creating landscaping that works. Landscaping basics are quite simple to understand and most will come naturally. The following list outlines these basic elements.

Unity – The idea of unity means that everything works together. It applied to colors, shapes, heights and every other aspect of the design. Using consistency and repetition is a great way to ensure unity.

Simplicity – Simplicity does not have to mean the design is limited. It means the design should be limited in different color shades, types of plants and also keeping the design looking clean. An overwhelming design is confusing to the eye. This is especially true if working with a large area. Having too many things going on creates chaos.

Balance – Balance is simply keeping the design proportions equal throughout. One side should not be full and the other scarce. Balance includes colors and heights, in addition to the overall look of the landscaping.

Focalization – This simply means the design should have some central element that catches the eye. Some landscapers use a special tree or bush, while others use things like fountains and statues. In a large scale landscaping design the focal point may be a garden.

These four elements are the basic keys to landscaping design. It doesn’t matter if it is a small garden or huge yard, these elements apply in every landscaping situation. Ultimately, though, the beauty of a landscaping design is in the eye of its creator. What is beautiful to one may not be to another. However, the having a knowledge of the basic elements of landscaping can help a beginner develop a landscaping plan easier and give them a starting point to use.

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