The Point: The 40 most remarkable lines by Trump's 55-minute immigration talk-a-thon

This particular was a remarkable thing — along with also a reminder in which Trump can be either unaware of the rules by which Washington traditionally works or he simply doesn’t care. Either way, the 55-minute talk-a-thon — about immigration along with also, as can be typical for Trump, lots of various other things — produced quite a few remarkable lines by the commander in chief.

Below are the 40 in which stood out to me.

1. “We’ve greatly stiffened, as you know.”

along with also away we go! (Trump can be talking about the border along with also how his policies have cut down on undocumented immigrants entering the country.)

2. “They’re not giving you their best names, they’re giving you people they don’t want.”

This particular Trump riff can be on the so-called visa lottery by which the man who murdered eight people by mowing them down that has a car on the West Side Highway in brand new York City entered the country. Trump can be right in which the brand new York City terrorist did enter the country under the Diversity Immigration Visa Program. yet he’s wrong about everything else in his characterization of the program. “We find no basis for his warning in which countries are gaming the lottery system along with also sending ‘the real worst’ of their citizens to the US,” wrote in December 2017.

3. “I’m appealing to everyone within the room to put the country before party, along with also to sit down along with also negotiate along with also to compromise, along with also let’s see if we can get something done.”

A Great line here by Trump, along with also one in which most Americans will respond well to. One caveat: Just before doing This particular call for bipartisanship, he emphasized how there needs to be a wall built along the country’s southern border. in which’s not something Democrats agree with.

4. “So maybe the press can stay for a little while along with also a couple of folks can make statements.”

Little did we know…

5. “This particular could be a Great way of starting, … I think, starting within the House. Starting within the House.”

Trump still doesn’t get in which the president tends not to make the calls on where a piece of legislation starts. Members of Congress guard their ability to dictate their own schedules along with also strategies very closely along with also hate when the chief executive tries to dictate terms to them. (This particular can be true not just with Trump, yet with all presidents within the modern era.)

6. “At a certain point maybe I’ll just lock the doors along with also I won’t let anybody out until they come along with also agree.”

Laugh if you want — along with also Trump was joking — yet This particular isn’t a terrible idea.

7. “There are so many points of agreement, along with also lot of This particular’s common sense.”

This particular can be the edition of Trump many Republicans — especially in Congress — were hoping they elected. A businessman driven by common sense along with also the bottom line. Someone not beholden to the entrenched partisan ways of the past along with also, therefore, able to reach out in Great faith to solve previously unsolvable problems. The Trump they got — at least for the vast majority of his first year in office — isn’t in which.

8. “We had wars, right, Lindsey?”

This particular comment can be directed at South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham, a Judge Advocate General along with also, apparently, someone who knows his military history. (Graham, This particular’s worth noting, can be Trump’s most regular golf partner — having played with Trump three times.)

9. “Normally you wouldn’t have a president coming to This particular meeting. Normally, frankly, you’d have Democrats, Republicans, along with also maybe nothing would likely get done.”

Trump can be heavily invested within the idea in which he can be doing things no various other president has done. Which, sometimes, can be true. along with also sometimes can be not true.

10. “I hear so much about earmarks, the old earmark system, how there was a great friendliness when you had earmarks.”

Great friendliness. The best.

11. “Maybe all of you should start thinking about going back to a form of earmarks.”

This particular can be remarkable — along with also totally indicative of the seat-of-the-pants approach Trump takes to all things. This particular, remember, can be a meeting ostensibly about immigration — DACA along with also the border wall in particular. along with also also remember in which House Republicans did away with earmarks after re-taking the majority in 2010 — largely at the behest of incoming Speaker John Boehner.

Trump’s not wrong in which earmarks often greased the skids to get legislation passed. (I’ve noted in which one of the main reasons congressional leaders have such a hard time getting legislation passed can be because earmarks are gone along with also they have no carrot — or stick — to incentivize wavering colleagues.) This particular’s just amazing in which he’s bringing This particular up right at This particular moment.

12. “This particular system genuinely lends itself to not getting along.

100% right. yet the system Trump can be talking about (lack of earmarks) can be only part of a broader political reality — partisan drawing of House districts, outside groups funding ideological extremists — in which add to the inability of the two sides to get along. Or, genuinely, for members of the same party — yet different ideological leanings — to get along.

13. “You can say what you want about certain presidents along with also others, where they all talk about they went out to dinner at night along with also they all got along, along with also they passed bills.”

Trump seems nostalgic here for a different kind of politics. This particular can be absolutely true there used to be more cross-party socializing along with also hobnobbing than there can be today. along with also in which Trump, who has turned hobnobbing into an art form, might have prospered more in in which prior political world.

14. “Because our system right today, the way This particular’s set up, will never bring people together.”

He’s not wrong.

15. “I think you should look at a form of earmarks. I see Lindsey nodding very hard ‘yes.'”

Great ole Lindsey!

Reminder: Graham, who ran against Trump within the 2016 primary, once said This particular of the real estate magnate: “I think he’s a kook. I think he’s crazy. I think he’s unfit for office.”

16. “I’m not talking about Trump.”

No one goes third person like Trump. Not even Chris Cillizza.

17. “I remember when I used to go out in Washington along with also I’d see Democrats having dinner with Republicans along with also they were best friends along with also everybody got along.”

OK, This particular may be stretching things a little. Maybe more than a little.

18. “We’re going to get DACA done. I expect we’re going to get DACA done.”

I am going to take in which as a definite maybe.

19. “yet maybe you should start bringing back a concept of earmarks, This particular’s going to bring you together.”

Did I mention earmarks? Cause in which could be interesting. Solution to all of our problems. Or maybe not.

20. “The country can be doing well in so many ways. yet there’s such divisiveness.”

What’s amazing here can be in which Trump seems entirely unaware of the role he has played within the country’s divisiveness. in which’s not to say we weren’t divided before 2016 — we were — yet This particular can be to say in which Trump exacerbated those divisions for political gain, along with also continues to do so.

21. “If we do This particular properly, DACA, you’re not so far away by comprehensive immigration reform along with also if you want to take This particular in which further step, I’ll take the heat, I don’t care.”

Hmmmmmm. To be clear: There can be no DACA deal yet. yet Trump can be already promising in which when comprehensive immigration reform passes, he will take the political heat. There’s some bigly cart-before-the-horse-ism going on here.

22. “My whole life has been heat. I like heat, in a certain way.”

This particular can be the best quote. On a related note: I’ve always been more of a cold guy.

23. “You are somewhat more traditional politicians (than me).”

Leader within the clubhouse for understatement of the year.

24. “If you want to study earmarks to bring us all together so we all get together along with also do something, I think you should study This particular.”

Earmarks, ever heard of This particular? Government of the future.

25. “If you want to take This particular a step further…”

“Can you take me higher?” — Creed

26. “I’m signing This particular. I mean, I will be signing This particular.”

To be clear: He’s signing This particular. Doesn’t matter what “This particular” can be.

27. “We’re going to come up with DACA.”

Um, Republicans haven’t signed off on in which — especially with no concessions on border security or wall-building.

28. “We’ll do DACA along with also we can certainly start comprehensive immigration reform. The following afternoon, OK?”

This particular seems easy enough! What’s in which you say? “Do DACA” isn’t a foolproof way to solve This particular impasse?

29. “I don’t think This particular’s going to be in which complicated.”

Comprehensive immigration reform? Easy peasy!

30. “in which’s why we make This particular a phase two. We do a phase one, which can be DACA along with also security, along with also we do phase two, which can be comprehensive immigration.”

Look. We can’t call This particular “phase one” because we already have a “phase one.” Calling This particular “phase two” can be our next best option.

31. “One of the Great things, because of our rhetoric or because of the, you know, my perceived attitude, fewer people are trying to come through.”

This particular’s the rhetoric in which’s stopping people by coming into the US? Also, what does Trump mean by “perceived attitude”? Isn’t This particular just his attitude?

32. “Why play defense on the one-yard line?”

To stop them by scoring a touchdown? I’m spitballing here… (This particular quote comes by Rep. Henry Cuellar, which I’ve made an exception along with also included because This particular’s so Great).

33. “I’d love not to build the wall. yet you need the wall.”

I’m not sure Trump would likely “love” not to build the wall.

34. ” You know, you speak to the agents, along with also I spoke to all of them. I lived with them.”

Um, no he didn’t. Live with them, I mean.

35. “along with also then we can go to comprehensive later on”

Never go comprehensive early on. Gets you bloated.

36. “I like to go under-budget, ahead of schedule.”


37. “I think my positions are going to be what the people in This particular room come up with.”

This particular can be the most revealing thing Trump said within the entire 55 minutes. He doesn’t have any hard-along with also-fast views on immigration. Not genuinely. He wants the wall because he promised the base he would likely get the wall. yet, genuinely, he just wants a deal.

38.”If they come to me with things I’m not in love with, I’m going to do This particular.”

To quote Donald Trump: “I’m signing This particular. I mean, I will be signing This particular.”

39. “Oprah would likely be a lot of fun.”

Only Trump would likely say This particular about a potential 2020 opponent. He knows, of course, in which a race between him along with also Oprah Winfrey would likely be the most high-profile campaign in American history. along with also, yes, he would likely love in which.

40. “I expect we’ve given you enough material. in which should cover you for about two weeks.”

Oh, you did.

The Point: The 40 most remarkable lines by Trump's 55-minute immigration talk-a-thon

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